Solar Panels for Sheds and Summerhouses – How to Make Your Garden Building Eco-Friendly

If you’re looking to use your shed or summerhouse for anything other than storage, you’d probably benefit from installing power. With the cost of living crisis hitting, more people are concerned about using too much electricity, and that’s why solar panels for sheds and summerhouses are a great idea. Here we look at the various advantages of using shed solar power, and what you need to consider before installing it.

solar panels for sheds and summerhouses

Advantages of solar panels for sheds and summerhouses

Whilst the initial investment of solar panels might seem high, solar power for sheds is cost effective in the long term. Over a period of about 20 years, you can drastically reduce your electricity bills and even stop paying altogether. This means you have the bonus of being protected from increasing electricity costs.

Another key benefit in using solar panels for a summer house is the environmental aspect. With solar panels, you’ll be greatly reducing your carbon footprint by eco-friendly using renewable energy.

What’s more, solar panels for sheds and summerhouses require very little maintenance other than the occasional clean.

Things to consider when installing a solar panel for garden shed

There are several things you’ll need to consider before going ahead with solar panels for sheds and summerhouses. These are:

The age and size of your shed

You will need to consider whether your current shed will stand up to the weight of solar panels. What is the condition of your shed roof? Is your shed relatively new, or has it seen better days? If it’s old, you may want to consider investing in a new, sturdy shed before installing solar panels.

Check out to better understand how long a garden shed should last.

What do you use your summerhouse for?

How do you use your shed or summerhouse? Is your shed used as a garden office, home gym or therapy room? Do you intend to spend many hours in your summerhouse, and do you need to use many appliances? Will you need the solar energy for summerhouse lighting as well as heating, or are you just intending to power a lamp or two?

The amount of energy you intend to use will affect the type of solar power kit you use.

The location of your shed

When thinking about solar light for a summerhouse or shed, you’ll need to bear in mind the location of your garden building.

To get the optimum usage out of your solar panels, your summerhouse should ideally face south. Failing that, it should be facing east or west, and should not be in the shadow of your house or any nearby trees or shrubs.

How do solar panels for sheds and summerhouses work?

There are different types of solar power for sheds and these mostly revolve around the size of the kit.

You can get small, great value solar lighting hubs which can power outdoor buildings for a certain number of hours, as well as some appliances too. Or there are large panels which sit on your shed roof and can provide power for heating, summerhouse lighting ideas and other appliances for many hours.

Each kit will consist of:

A solar panel – ranging in size from an iPad screen to large panels which sit on the roof.

A battery – which stores the energy generated by the solar panel. The battery must be housed in your shed or summer house and cannot get wet.

Cables – these connect the solar panel to the inverter.

Inverter – converts the power generated by the solar panel into a type of electricity which can be used within your shed or summerhouse.

Charge controller – this controls the power coming in from the panel and prevents the battery from overcharging.

To work out what size solar panels for sheds and summerhouses you’ll need, it’s necessary to work out how much power your appliances use. For example, a desk lamp will use around 50W. There are guides online to give you a full breakdown.

Once you have determined your total energy usage for your solar power shed, you will need to find an inverter that will give you 20-50% more than your minimum amount of power required.

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Solar panels for sheds and summerhouses can be a good long term investment which can save money as well as benefiting the environment and requiring little maintenance.

There’s lots to consider before installing solar panels, including what you need to power within your shed or summerhouse as this will determine the size of the kit required. It’s also worth thinking about whether you need to replace your shed or summerhouse before installing solar power.

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