4 Reasons to Invest in a Summer House Gym

How many times have you resolved to improve your fitness, but after a few weeks going to the gym or jogging after work every evening, your enthusiasm – and time – starts to wane? You are not alone. The trouble with fitness regimes is that if they are too far outside your normal routine, rely on good weather, or eat too much into your time, they just aren’t going to last. This is precisely why your very own garden summer house gym could be just the ticket, allowing you to work out in your own dedicated space, but without leaving the boundary of your home.

Garden gym

Making fitness easy and convenient is the first step towards integrating it into our everyday lives. Inconvenience is a top reason why exercise plans soon dwindle, but that’s not all. Not everyone is a fan of the gym, and for those who prefer a walk, jog or run in the great outdoors, the weather is not always onside.

A summer house gym resolves all of these issues in one simple solution. Here are four great reasons why creating your very own gym in the garden is the way forward for improved long term fitness.

The equipment YOU want, in your own personal space

When you set up a summer house home gym, you get to choose the equipment you want to work out on, rather than be forced to use whatever a gym chain provides, or indeed whatever isn’t being used by other members.

Your space is also your own. No sharing, no waiting. You can zone your summer house gym to make it suit your personal needs. So, a stretch and warm-up zone; a weights section, and a place for your choice of equipment.

Work out in private

If, like many, you prefer to work out in private rather than with an audience, a garden summer house gym will appeal to you. After all, who wants to feel they’re being judged?

Your own garden gym is the ideal place to let go and do your own thing. Sing out loud to your favourite tunes as you exercise, perspire in private, open the windows and let fresh air in, and worry not about whether you’re ‘doing it right’. You can fit blinds to your workout room if you wish in case your garden is overlooked, or instead make the most of the outdoor views.

Summer house gym

Year-round, weatherproof workouts

Regardless of the weather, a summer house gym will always be open for business, so no more cancelled workouts due to rain or snow. Plus the great thing about garden room gyms is that they can be used year-round.

Garden rooms are designed more like rooms of a house than outbuildings. They are made up of several layers plus, as they are constructed from Western Red Cedar, you have natural thermal insulation to benefit from to keep out the winter chill. There is also the option to add heating should you deem it necessary.

Time, space and money saving

A gym summer house, once installed, will save all those monthly gym fees. It will also free up space in your house… at last you can rid your bedroom of that cumbersome cross trainer!

You’ll also save time and money by not having to travel to the gym and, with 24/7 access, you’ll be more likely to achieve your fitness goals faster. Now you can work out before or after work with ease and, if you work from home, you could pop into your gym in your lunch break too.

Tempted to invest in a summer house gym?

If you are looking for inspiration and summer house gym ideas, Surrey Hills Garden buildings can help. With decades of experience in the garden building industry, and a family-run team to support you throughout every stage of the design and installation of your summer house gym, you will be in the very best hands.

Why not visit one of our dedicated show sites? Our helpful team is on hand to provide you with friendly, expert advice on creating the summer house home gym of your dreams.

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