8 Creative Uses for a Small Shed

The small shed has become something of a garden staple in recent years. Even the smallest back yard can accommodate some form of shed, and the beauty of these small garden rooms is that they can be put to a multitude of uses. Here we look at eight ways to use a small shed, including some creative ideas, some practical ideas, and some ideas you may never have thought of at all.

woodford shed

Whether you’re opting for a 4×4 compact shed, an 8×4 shed or something more like a 12×8 shed which is still considered a small shed, there will always be something useful or creative you can do with it. Here are some of our top ideas for ways to use a small shed.

1. Potting shed

You’ll need a few south facing windows for this one, or perhaps some skylights. As long as you have plenty of light pouring in, you’ll be able to turn your shed into a small wooden greenhouse, the perfect place for sheltered potting, overwintering and nurturing young plants.

Small potting shed

2. Bike shed

If you love cycling, then you’ll be grateful for somewhere to keep your bicycle where it’s easy to get it in and out without too much messing about. A dedicated bike shed is the ideal use for a small shed, and it will free up space in your garage too. Protect your bike from the elements and keep it safe with an accessible bicycle storage shed. Fit it with a top quality padlock and a shed alarm for added reassurance.

3. Workshop

Maybe you love making things. Perhaps you’re the one who’s always tasked with fixing things. Chances are if that’s the case, you’ll find yourself being politely moved on if you’re always trying to do either on the kitchen table. Wouldn’t it be great to have somewhere of your own to get things done? Imagine your own workshop, where you get to hang all your tools, set out your workbench and power-tool away to your heart’s content without any frowns or complaints. What better use for a small shed?!

Small garden shed workshop

4. Log store

Small garden sheds make the ideal log store. Firewood burns cleaner and hotter if it’s been well-protected from the rain, and allowed to cure in a well-ventilated space for a few months. So pack your small shed with logs in the spring, and by the winter you’ll have the perfect supply of fuel, ready to keep you cosy and warm through the colder months.

5. Garden tool stow

A well-organised set of garden tools will serve you well if you are the green fingered type. Having the right tools to hand, all nicely ordered, rather than having to rummage around in the back of the garage, will mean you always have what you need, when you need it most. So take a small shed, and create yourself a dedicated garden tool stow, and you’ll thank yourself no end.

6. Patio furniture store

Leaving patio or garden furniture out throughout the year won’t do it any favours. When exposed to the elements, furniture can become warped and weathered, which means it won’t last as long as you imagined. The ideal use for small garden sheds is a patio furniture store. Tuck everything away once winter sets in, and you’ll be grateful once spring comes for nice, clean and dry furniture that’s ready to enjoy.

7. Animal feed store

A small shed is a great place to stow away your animal feed, saving valuable cupboard space indoors, and keeping those tell-tale odours outside. Whether it’s cat or dog food, wild bird seed, hedgehog crumble or livestock feed, you’ll be thankful for a dry and accessible storage shed.

Small shed animal feed store

8. Rubbish hideaway

Hide unsightly rubbish and keep it safe from scavengers with a rubbish shed. You’ll instantly enhance the appearance and appeal of your property and garden by secreting your household waste and recycling inside an attractive-looking small shed until collection day comes around. The same rubbish shed could also be used as a convenient place to store your outdoor cleaning equipment.

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