Practical Advice

Low maintenance garden shed

What Makes a Low Maintenance Garden Shed?

Looking for tips on choosing a low maintenance garden shed? Read on for top advice, with bonus shed maintenance tips thrown in for good measure.

shed extension

Top 3 Garden Shed Extension Ideas

Have you outgrown your garden shed? Want to add more space? Read on for our top garden shed extension ideas.

can I run an extension lead to my shed

Can I Run an Extension Lead to my Shed?

Here we look at shed power do’s and don’ts, with advice on the best way to get electricity running into your outbuilding.

greenhouses and glasshouses

What is the Difference Between a Greenhouse and a Glasshouse?

Greenhouses and glasshouses may be terms that are commonly interchanged, but are they one in the same thing, or is there a difference?

A garden room with built-in storage

The Benefits of a Garden Office with Storage

If you have limited outdoor space, and don’t want to lose your garden shed, a garden office with storage is the ideal solution.

woodford shed

How to Secure Your Shed Door

Here we look at some top tips for shed security, and the best ways to secure garden buildings to keep your valuables safe.

Malvern shed

How to Protect Your Shed Against the Effects of Climate Change

Here we share some tips on protecting sheds from damp and storms, and also look at how to keep them cool during a hot summer.

Sedum roof

Should I Install a Sedum Roof on my Garden Building?

If you are thinking about adding a sedum roof to your garden building, read on to learn more about how it could benefit you, and the environment.

Shed games room

How to Create the Ultimate Shed Games Room

Love bringing the family together? Then you’ll adore these shed games room ideas, allowing you enjoy your favourite social events every day of the week.