How Long Do Garden Sheds Last?

A question we’re often asked is, “How long do sheds last?” It’s a good question, but one that takes a while to answer! Here we look at the various factors which typically affect the longevity of a garden shed, and how you can help to make sure yours stands the test of time.

A wooden shed with windows

How long do wood sheds last?

Wood is the most popular material used when building sheds. It looks attractive, is versatile enough to be used in various styles, and it’s also durable. The only real problem with a wooden shed is that if it’s not carefully maintained, it can allow water to seep in which causes rot, damp and other problems.

There are several things that will affect the long life of sheds:

Shed location

A big influence when trying to understand how long do sheds last, is the location of your shed. If situated in a sheltered spot, it will last longer than if it is isolated and exposed to the elements. If you live in an area in the UK which has high rainfall, strong winds and sea air, your shed will have a lower life expectancy and will need more protection.

Take a look at our guide to waterproofing a shed for more information.

Shed quality

 A key point when thinking about how long do wood sheds last is the quality of the wood.

Long life garden sheds are made from premium wood such as the Western Red Cedar used in the Malvern Collection. The wood is not only beautiful, but is also renowned for its natural thermal insulation properties, as well as being highly durable.

wooden garden rooms

Shed roof

The design of a shed roof is an important factor when trying to work out how long do sheds last.

Ideally it needs to be an apex or pent shape roof that will drain rainwater away from the walls and body of the shed.

Take a look at our guide for the best wood for a shed roof for more information.

Lifetime wood treatment

 An annual treatment of your wooden shed will help maintain it and enhance the longevity. By regularly treating the wood on your shed, you’ll protect it from the elements and prevent damp from setting in.

When answering the all-important question, how long do sheds last, we say that with care and regular maintenance, a good quality wooden shed can last up to 30 years.

Wood or plastic shed?

When comparing a plastic shed vs wood, plastic sheds are lighter which makes them easy to assemble and move should you need to.

Plastic sheds are durable and won’t rot, but the downsides are that they don’t look nearly as attractive as wood, nor are they environmentally sound. They also don’t cope as well in extreme heat and cannot bear as much weight hanging from the walls as wooden sheds; they may well crack under pressure.

A plastic shed will last between five and seven years, but can last up to 20 years with the right care.

Wood or plastic shed

How long do metal sheds last?

A metal shed is durable as it is resistant to rot, insects and the weather. They are lightweight, but won’t get blown away. For this reason, long life sheds are often made of metal.

When considering wood vs metal sheds, a metal shed is less expensive, but it may suffer from rust problems in the long term. Just like plastic, a metal shed doesn’t look as beautiful as a wooden shed.

When asking how long do metal sheds last, we would say an average lifespan is about 25 years.

Wood vs metal shed

How long do sheds last? Ask the experts at Surrey Hills Garden Buildings.

There’s a lot to consider when asking how long do sheds last. There are various materials which affect the longevity of sheds, but the quality, design and location will also have a bearing, as will maintenance and treatment.

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