garden home office

Your UK Guide to Garden Office Pods

Office pods allow you to create a dedicated workplace that you can close the door on at the end of the day, without eating up too much of your precious garden.


How do I Choose the Right Greenhouse to Grow Vegetables?

How to choose the right greenhouse to suit your vegetable growing needs, and what to consider when siting your greenhouse? Our simple guide reveals all.

Ideas for baby rooms

Ideas for Baby Friendly Garden Rooms

Whether it’s to reclaim your living room, or create the perfect sensory space to boost your child’s development, there are plenty of ideas for baby rooms that could work perfectly for a garden building.

How to supply electricity to a garden shed

Powering Up: Connecting Your Garden Room to Electricity

It is important that you think carefully about how you will use your garden building, and what you will need in terms of power, at the earliest stage in the design process.

Garden office as a dedicated workspace

Insulated Garden Rooms – Can I use my Garden Office Year Round?

Will a garden office be suitable for working in year round, including in the depths of winter? Read on as we explain all about the benefits of insulated garden buildings.

summer house cladding ideas

Cladding Options for Your Bespoke Garden Office or Summer House

Here we look at two of the most popular garden room and summer house cladding options offered here at Surrey Hills Garden Buildings, cedar cladding and painted cladding.

Garden room planning permission

Do you Need Planning Permission for a Summer House or Garden Room?

Here we explain what’s involved with summer house and garden room planning permission so that you can be confident you are following the appropriate rules and regulations.