Garden Therapy Room – Can You Run Your Practice From Your Garden?

As a therapist or counsellor, you need a space that is comfortable, relaxed, professional and private in which to see clients. Many therapists and counsellors are now choosing to do this in a garden therapy room rather than hiring premises. We take a look at the benefits of having a garden therapy room, as well as important things to consider with therapy room ideas.

Garden therapy room

The benefits of a garden therapy room

There are many benefits of using a garden room as a counselling room or therapy space…


You can set up your garden therapy room exactly how you want it, perhaps with a comfortable chair or a massage table with a desk and computer for consultations.

The beauty of having a garden therapy room is that you can leave it this way between consultations. And if a client cancels at the last moment or doesn’t show, you can simply carry on with your day knowing that your therapy office is ready for your next appointment.


A garden therapy room gives you the privacy to host your appointments in a quiet and professional space. The counselling room is separate from the house and, if you’re lucky enough to have a separate garden entrance, it means your clients will not need to enter your house at all, keeping your home life private and allowing your clients to retain their anonymity.


Leading on from this last point, a garden therapy room not only protects the privacy of yourself and your clients, but it also keeps your work life separate from your home life. Once you have finished your last consultation for the day, you can close the door to your therapy office and leave the work behind you as make the short commute back to your home and family life.


Whilst the initial cost of a garden therapy room might seem high, over time you will make huge savings by not having to rent premises. It may also be possible to claim back the initial investment costs as a business expense.

There will be no travel costs or time wasted on getting to work either. If a client cancels, or you have time between appointments, you won’t feel like you have to wait in a room that you’ve paid for; you can simply return to the house and get on with some other pressing chores.

Garden setting

As a therapist, it’s likely that you’re seeing your clients to help heal them physically or mentally. A therapy space within the natural environment of your garden helps to create an atmosphere of calm, which can help your clients to relax.

Garden spa retreat

Counselling room ideas

There are several things to think about when setting up your garden therapy room.

Consider how you will protect the privacy of your clients from neighbours. You could install high level windows, blinds or frosted glass, for example.

Create a warm environment with tasteful decoration. Install comfortable chairs and avoid cluttering up your therapy office. Use plants directly outside of the garden therapy room to create a welcoming environment. You could plant brightly coloured blooms, use tall plants to help with privacy, or try scented flowers to add to your oasis of calm.

Will you want a toilet for your clients to use? Here’s some advice on adding a loo to a garden room.

It’s also important to think about the temperature of your garden therapy room. You may want to consider adding heating for the colder months, and air conditioning to keep your counselling room cool in summer.

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There are plenty of benefits in setting up your own garden therapy room, and with some careful planning for therapy room ideas, you could quite easily run your practice from your garden.

Why not visit our dedicated show site for inspiration? You are also welcome to get in touch with our friendly team, we’d be happy to help advise you about installing, setting up and decorating your garden therapy room and answer any questions you may have.

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