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How to get Wi-Fi in a summer house

How to Get Wi-Fi in a Summer House

Work or leisure, whatever you plan to use your summer house for, you are going to need an internet connection. So, how to get Wi-Fi in your summer house?

Garden gym

4 Reasons to Invest in a Summer House Gym

Making fitness easy and convenient is a first step towards integrating it into our everyday lives and committing to it long term. A summer house gym can help do just that.

Garden room ideas

4 Garden Room Ideas to Inspire Calm in Your Life

It is vital that we make the effort to slow down from time to time. With this in mind, here are our top garden room ideas to inspire a spot of calm in your life.

How to Connect Water to Your Garden Room

How to Connect Water to Your Garden Room

If you are considering connecting a water supply to your garden room, read on for our top considerations and practical advice, including guidance on planning permission.

Malvern Summerhouse

What Size Summerhouse can I Build in my Garden?

If you are looking to build a summer house in your garden, but you are concerned about planning permission, read on for advice on how to get it right first time with your summer house plans.

Summerhouse London

Garden Summer House Ideas: The Perfect London Retreat

London wide, families are realising the benefits of adding the British garden classic summerhouse to their properties. Tempted? Read on for our experts’ most intriguing ideas for garden summerhouses.

Garden office

5 Benefits of a Garden Office over Renting

You may be considering alternatives to renting, one of which could be a garden office. If so, read on as we explore the benefits of a garden office over renting, including lower costs and a better work/life balance.

Ideas for baby rooms

Ideas for Baby Friendly Garden Rooms

Whether it’s to reclaim your living room, or create the perfect sensory space to boost your child’s development, there are plenty of ideas for baby rooms that could work perfectly for a garden building.

How to supply electricity to a garden shed

Powering Up: Connecting Your Garden Room to Electricity

It is important that you think carefully about how you will use your garden building, and what you will need in terms of power, at the earliest stage in the design process.