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composite clad garden room from Surrey Hills

Cladding Garden Room: The Best Garden Room Cladding Ideas

Cladding not only helps make your garden room look attractive, but it will also protect it from the elements and provide insulation too. But what is the best cladding for a garden room?

What to Grow in a Greenhouse in Winter

The Winter Greenhouse – What to Grow in a Greenhouse in Winter?

Greenhouses and garden sheds can provide warmth and protection against the cold conditions of a typical British winter. Here’s a look at what to grow in a greenhouse in winter.

greenhouse shelving ideas

Greenhouse Organisation – 4 Greenhouse Shelving Ideas

Not only will it make you more productive, but clever greenhouse storage will provide optimum conditions for your plants. Here we look at greenhouse organisation and share 4 greenhouse shelving ideas.


5 Types of Greenhouses to Consider Before You Buy

If you’ve decided to invest in a greenhouse, the next step is to decide which type will best suit your needs. Here we explore five types of greenhouses with advice on how to make the best choice.

shed base of budget garden office

Do I Need a Base for my Garden Shed?

Here we look at what a shed base is, and whether it’s essential to have a base for a garden shed. We’ll also explore several shed base ideas, from concrete to plastic.

Garden room kitchen ideas

Garden Room Kitchen: 5 Inspiring Ideas

Whether you’re dreaming of a stylish new kitchen in which to entertain, or you’re keen to incorporate a kitchen into a garden room, these garden room kitchen ideas should provide you with the inspiration you need.

glass vs polycarbonate greenhouse

Glass vs Polycarbonate Greenhouse – Which to Choose for Your Garden?

Not sure what greenhouse material is best for your needs? Here we look at the benefits of a glass greenhouse and compare them to the benefits of a polycarbonate greenhouse.

allotment shed

Allotment Sheds – Which is The Best Shed for Your Allotment?

An allotment shed is a valuable addition to any growing plot, so join us as we take a look at some of the best allotment sheds and share some of our favourite allotment shed ideas.

rustic sheds

How to Create a Trendy Rustic Shed

Garden sheds don’t have to be battered old hideaways! Why not enjoy a rustic garden shed instead? Here we explore how to create a trendy rustic shed you can be proud of.