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playhouse shed

How to Create an Outdoor Playhouse Shed for Children

Looking for ideas to create a dedicated playroom for your kids? Have you thought about creating a playhouse shed? Here’s how to do it.

shed cocktail bar

How to Create Your Very Own Shed Cocktail Bar

Influencer Danielle Zarb-Cousin transformed her shed into a home cocktail bar and won Shed of the Year. Want to create one of your own? Here’s how.

How to keep my shed cool in summer

How to Keep my Shed Cool in Summer?

As summer approaches and the weather warms up, sheds can become unbearably hot. Read on as we address the common question, “how to keep my shed cool in summer?”.

Garden photography studio

How to Create a Garden Photography Studio

Join us as we explore the main aspects to consider for the design and installation of a garden photography studio.

Malvern shed

How Much Does a Shed Add to Property Value?

Garden sheds are incredibly versatile and suit a range of purposes. But can they add value to your property and make it more saleable? Read on to find out.

Garden art studio

How to Build a Garden Art Studio

A garden art studio is an ideal space to find inspiration and privacy to work in peace. And as your studio can be tailor made to meet your exact requirements, it’s the perfect solution to concentrate on your passion.

Malvern garden studio

5 Best Garden Rooms for 2022

Garden rooms are a great way to add space to your property. Whether you’re seeking extra space for the family, or you’re looking at something on a budget, here are our five best garden rooms for 2022.

Old shed

6 Things to do with an Old Shed

Wondering what to do with an old shed? Whether you’re looking to repair, replace or re-purpose your garden shed, here’s a look at different ways to deal with it.

Insulated summer house

Can I Build an Insulated Summer House?

Wondering whether it’s possible to install a summer house that can be enjoyed year-round come rain or shine? Here’s how to achieve a well-insulated summer house.