How to Build a Garden Dance Studio

Whether you’re a professional dancer, a dance teacher or just enjoy dancing for fitness and leisure, having your own garden dance studio has several benefits. Interested? Then join us as we explore the practical aspects of how you might set up your very own garden dance studio.

Garden dance studio

A garden dance studio gives you the privacy to practise in your own space without the upheaval of renovating or converting a room in the house. Having your very own garden dance studio allows you the flexibility to perfect routines or teach dance whenever and as frequently as you like. Finally, a garden dance studio means you won’t have to pay out for hall or studio hire.

But what will you need to consider when creating your garden dance studio? 

Flooring for your garden dance studio

A garden dance studio will need a hardwearing floor that allows you to easily move and spin. There are many garden room flooring options, but a dance studio usually uses wooden floors or vinyl.

It makes sense to consider the style of your dance when thinking about flooring. If your routines focus on high impact and jumps, you may want to invest in a sprung floor to protect your joints. Wooden or vinyl flooring will work well for ballet, ballroom and most other styles of dancing in your garden dance studio. For tap dancing, and dancing that involves tumbles or acrobatics, it’s a good idea to install a tap pad or tumble track to protect your floor.

Garden dance studio

Let the light flood into your garden dance studio

Your garden dance studio can be designed to your exact requirements. You may want to consider bi-fold doors to allow plenty of natural light in. For dark, later evenings, you can use blinds for privacy, and choose different lighting options to set the tone and ambiance for your studio.

Add wall mirrors

Many dancers like to have floor to ceiling wall mirrors so they can check they have the correct posture and technique. You might choose to have an entire wall covered in floor to ceiling wall mirrors which would enhance the sense of space and light, or you could instead make use of a single large mirror panel.

Include a dance barre

Whatever your dance style, many professional dancers will have a dance barre installed in their studio. Ballet dancers will make good use of a barre throughout their routines, but dancers with different styles, will often like to use a barre whilst warming up or during their practise.

There are several different dance barre styles, including a single or double barre which are fixed to a wall. Or you may want to include a mobile barre in your garden dance studio which allows dancers to stand, and practise moves on either side of the barre at the same time.

Music and power for your garden dance studio

Every dancer of course needs music. This could be as simple as using your own playlist or installing a sophisticated music and surround sound system. Either way, it makes sense to have your garden dance studio hooked up to electricity for power and connected to Wi-Fi for streaming playlists.

If you’re worried about your dance music offending the neighbours, how about soundproofing your garden dance studio?

Finally, it’s natural that most dancers build up a sweat when exercising, so it’s worthwhile thinking about installing air conditioning or electrical fans to help keep your garden dance studio cool.

Thinking about installing a garden dance studio? Get some friendly advice from the experts at Surrey Hills Garden Buildings.

Your very own garden dance studio will allow you to perfect your dance routines whenever you like without having to constantly pay out for expensive hall hire.

Our family run team at Surrey Hills Garden Buildings can talk you through everything from the design, build, decoration and fit for a garden dance studio. We can incorporate everything you need including air conditioning, power, sound proofing and a special type of flooring.

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