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composite clad garden room from Surrey Hills

Cladding Garden Room: The Best Garden Room Cladding Ideas

Cladding not only helps make your garden room look attractive, but it will also protect it from the elements and provide insulation too. But what is the best cladding for a garden room?

Garden room kitchen ideas

Garden Room Kitchen: 5 Inspiring Ideas

Whether you’re dreaming of a stylish new kitchen in which to entertain, or you’re keen to incorporate a kitchen into a garden room, these garden room kitchen ideas should provide you with the inspiration you need.

rustic sheds

How to Create a Trendy Rustic Shed

Garden sheds don’t have to be battered old hideaways! Why not enjoy a rustic garden shed instead? Here we explore how to create a trendy rustic shed you can be proud of.

solar panels for sheds and summerhouses

Solar Panels for Sheds and Summerhouses – How to Make Your Garden Building Eco-Friendly

Looking to go eco-friendly with your shed power? Here we look at the various advantages of using shed solar power, and what you need to consider before installing it.

A wooden shed with windows

How Long Do Garden Sheds Last?

Here we look at the various factors which typically affect the longevity of a garden shed, and how you can help to make sure yours stands the test of time.

Fancy garden shed

Make Your Outdoor Space Fantastic with a Fancy Garden Shed – 6 Inspirational Ideas

It’s worth looking at different shed styles to inject personality and give your shed a unique feel. Here are 6 ideas to help you achieve a fancy garden shed.

Malvern shed

How to Buy the Best Garden Sheds – Your Ultimate Guide

There’s no denying that a garden shed is incredibly useful, but how to choose the best garden sheds? Here we look at the top things to consider.

protect shed

How to Protect Your Garden Shed: Shed Maintenance Tips and Ideas

Regularly maintaining your shed is essential. Here we look at the best maintenance tips to protect a shed and ideas for the best waterproof shed treatment.

turn shed into playhouse

Garden Shed Playhouse – How to Turn Your Shed into a Fun Zone for Your Kids

A playhouse shed can store all your kids’ games and toys as well as provide a dedicated play space. Here’s how to turn a shed into a playhouse.