4 Summer Garden Room Ideas

In the height of summer, it’s great to have somewhere cool and peaceful to retreat to. And at this time of year, a summer garden room can prove the ultimate haven, offering all sorts of ways to help you enjoy the sunshine and warm weather, and the outdoor life. Read on as we explore four garden room ideas to help inspire you.

Summer garden room ideas

1. Make the most of natural light

In the summer, we really want to be making the most of all that wonderful natural light. The longer days are something to relish, so one of the best summer garden room ideas has to be floor to ceiling windows which allow all that light to flood in, as well as optimise the view of your garden in all its summer finery.

If your garden room is on the larger side, you could think about installing bi-fold or sliding doors to really open up the space. Replace curtains with blinds that roll up to reveal more light. And consider the positioning of your garden room. Ideas include siting the building so that it offers the most appealing outlook, and lets in as much sunlight as possible.

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2. Create an outside space

For summer, one of the best garden room ideas has to be creating a seating area outside so that you can enjoy all that welcome fresh air.

Whether you opt for a wooden deck that matches your garden room and flows seamlessly outwards, or choose one of these garden room patio ideas, is up to you. As long as you make this your very own personalised summer haven, perhaps adding a comfy outdoor seating suite, some ambient lighting and a cooling shade, then you’ll be all set for a memorable summer.

Garden room patio ideas

3. House a hot tub

One of the nicest things to do in the summertime is immerse yourself in some lovely refreshing, bubbling water. It really is the ultimate way to relax and spend some time outdoors enjoying the weather.

With a combination room, you can have your main summer garden room, and then on the side you can have a covered area to house your hot tub and keep it protected the rest of the year. It will also provide some welcome shade as you bathe. One of the best garden room ideas for summer!

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4. Make your own summer party cabin

Summer is of course the ultimate party season, and as summer garden room ideas go, creating a party cabin has to be right up there with the best.

All you need is a splash of imagination. Maybe you could go for a cocktail bar, a games room, or a home cinema room. With a Wi-Fi connection, you’ll be able to feed in your favourite sounds. You could even add a mini dance floor and disco ball to complete the effect.

A home cocktail bar in your shed makes for a great escape from the main house.

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