How to Build Your Own Home Cinema Garden Room

If you’re a movie or box set lover, and you’ve been longing for a place of your own to indulge in your screen favourites away from the hustle and bustle of family life, it’s time to think about creating yourself a home cinema garden room.


home cinema garden room

Trying to find sufficient space in the house to dedicate to a home cinema room can be challenging. Especially if there are children to accommodate, and you’ve also been trying to carve yourself out a space to work from home.

This is where a garden leisure room can provide the perfect solution. Here’s where you can create a true, theatre-like experience, without having to buy a ticket, or venture out of the confines of your property. You could even invite friends and family over for a movie night in. Tempted? Read on then for our top tips on how to build your own home cinema garden room.

1. Carefully consider location

A home cinema garden room needs to be well located within your outdoor space. You’ll need to choose a level spot, with no standing water close by. A base is vital, and you’ll want to avoid being in close proximity to tall trees, as these may affect your satellite signal, if you are relying on one.

If you’re going to double your home cinema garden room up as a summer house, you’ll want it to afford the best views of your garden, so do bear this in mind if you have a dual use in mind.

2. Create a cosy haven

The perfect home cinema garden room is one that can be used all year round. After all, it stands to reason you’re going to want to indulge in all those Christmas films when the time comes.

Insulation is therefore key. Not only will it keep your cinema room warm, it will also help with sound proofing.

A good quality garden room will be constructed of several layers. Look for one that’s built using Western Red Cedar, which will provide you with natural thermal insulation properties for year-round warmth. A well-built garden room will also feature house-quality windows and doors, with double glazing as standard. All of which contribute towards good insulation.

You can also heat your home cinema garden room. Options include electric radiators, underfloor heating, and air conditioning, which as well as heating, will also help to keep you cool during the summer months.

3. Get wired for sound… and vision

The most important element of your home cinema garden room has to be the sound and vision. WiFi is a must, especially if you’re going to be relying on streaming services or screen casting. Plus if you are keen to use a voice assistant to control everything, you’re going to need to be online.

Of course, where there’s WiFi, there’s power, and there are various ways to connect power to a garden room.

You will have your own preference in terms of surround sound. Whether you use a 7.1 system with a sub-woofer and seven-channel speakers, or you go for a sound bar, is up to you, and will be dictated by the size of your garden room, as well as your budget.

For your screen, you can choose from a TV or a video projector. For either, you’ll need a pre-wired HDMI cable for HD viewing.

home cinema garden room

4. Light the mood

To create the ultimate home movie theatre atmosphere, you need to get the lighting right. Downlights from the ceiling and wall sconces on a dimmer will help you do just that. Connected through a smart controller, you’ll be able to control them with a voice command just the same as the rest of your home entertainment system.

5. Add seating

No home cinema garden room would be complete without comfortable seating. Go for comfy sofas, casual ben bags or even proper theatre-style seating if you prefer. The number of chairs you add will depend on available space and how many people you wish to accommodate.

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