How to Get Wi-Fi in a Summer House

Whether you are planning to use your summer house for work, or it’s purely a leisure and relaxation zone, you’re going to find it hard to do without Wi-Fi. Whether you’re streaming your favourite tunes or movies, indulging in some competitive gaming, doing a spot of online shopping or learning a new skill, the internet is something you are going to be reliant on. So, how to get Wi-Fi in your summer house? Let’s explore your options.

How to get Wi-Fi in a summer house

If you are thinking that maybe you can use your home Wi-Fi out in your summer house, the unfortunate fact is that it is unlikely that the signal will be strong enough to reach your garden building. The good news though is that you do have options if you want to extend Wi-Fi to your summer house.

Wi-Fi Extender for summer house

A Wi-Fi extender connects to an existing Wi-Fi network, extending the signal by creating a bridge between the main router and the summer house.

Simple to use, you just plug the extender into a mains socket in your home, siting it roughly half way between your summer house and your router. The extender bounces the signal, creating an additional Wi-Fi network that you can connect to from your garden room.

The only downside to a Wi-Fi booster for a summer house is that it has a limited reach. Generally you will find that the signal will reach around 30 metres. If the distance between your summerhouse and main home is more than this, then you may need multiple extender units to bridge the gaps in between. This could lead to a weaker signal so, if you are going to be relying on Wi-Fi for the likes of movie streaming or gaming, then you may need to consider an alternative.

Powerline networking

Another option to get Wi-Fi to your summer house is powerline networking. This makes use of the electrical power cable that has been fitted between the home and the garden building in order to deliver electricity.

This method works by delivering internet data between two or more separate powerline adapter. Working alongside a Wi-Fi network, it is almost wireless and relatively easy to install, coming in kit form.

The kit consists of a minimum of two adapters, each with their own Ethernet cable. One plugs into the mains and the router, whilst the other is plugged into the garden building. The device you are using is connected to the second adaptor using the Ethernet cable, or a second Wi-Fi router is attached so that the system is fully wireless.

Of course, this method will only work if you are running electricity to your summer house.

Ethernet cable

Probably the most secure and reliable way to get Wi-Fi to your summer house is by running an Ethernet cable. If you are going to be working in your garden building and will depend on a robust internet connection, this is by far the best option.

This will require some forethought, as you will need to arrange for the Ethernet cable to be laid alongside your power cables when they are being installed. Adding them retrospectively is possible, but more expensive and time consuming.

Point to Point Wi-Fi for Summerhouse internet

Point to Point or PtP Wi-Fi is similar to a Wi-Fi extender, but is more sophisticated. It is also usually more reliable, so a better choice if you are working in your summer house. Installing PtP Wi-Fi involves fitting two units, one on the outside of the house and the other on the summerhouse. Both units require power and configuration, and so a degree of IT knowledge is helpful.

The unit that’s attached to the house connects to the home network, transmitting the signal to the second device fixed to the garden building. This method works best where there is a clear line of sight between the two units. If you have trees or other obstacles in the way, it could affect the signal.

The upside to Point to Point Wi-Fi is that the range is much better than using a Wi-Fi booster for a summer house, and it is a good alternative if an Ethernet cable isn’t an option.

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