3 Garden Room Patio Ideas

Garden rooms are a wonderful investment. They’re versatile, and can be styled to suit your lifestyle. They also work well when they’re an extension of your house, but fit seamlessly with their immediate surroundings too. With this in mind, let’s take a look at how a garden room can work with an outdoor patio courtesy of some top garden room patio ideas.

Garden room patio ideas

1. Luxurious garden room patio ideas

Luxurious garden room patio ideas work well within a contemporary setting. Bi-fold doors give a modern touch, whilst creating a stunning and modern retreat. Decorate your garden room with lavish soft furnishings and bespoke pieces of art to give it a truly magnificent feel.

Don’t neglect the garden area between your luxury garden room and the house, otherwise it will spoil the effect. Incorporate a beautiful pathway, stunning patio area and soft lighting to maintain the decadent feel.

2. Blend the garden room with your outside space

If you’re considering garden room patio ideas, think about the immediate outdoor surroundings. You can paint your garden room to match your decking or vice versa to give a seamless look. Choose furniture and garden accessories that will blend in with the colour scheme and decorative style of your garden room.

Make use of plants and shrubs to link your garden through to your garden room. Consider a pathway leading up, perhaps including an arch or trellis with climbing flowers. You could use window boxes, a scattering of pots and colourful blooms or even a bistro set outside your garden room to give it an inviting feel.

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3. Find your own inner calm

If you’re longing for a peaceful garden room retreat, what better way to find it than with a quiet, tranquil space in your own back garden? Whether you’re looking for a calm space to practice yoga or indulge in a spa like sanctuary, or if you’re simply looking for a quiet haven to read, write or contemplate life, then these garden room patio ideas may inspire you!

Try planting some scented flowers, or place plots of herbs immediately outside your garden room door to enhance your relaxed environment. Jasmine, honeysuckle or lavender would all work well.

Pale, neutral colours are best for creating a sense of calm, so think about decorating the inside and outside areas of your retreat in whites, creams, greys or pale blue.

Consider lighting for your garden patio ideas. Incorporate as much natural light as you can with large windows and patio doors for your garden room, and use soft lighting inside, making sure you avoid harsh overhead lights. Try blending the ambiance through to the outside with the use of fairy lights, lanterns and pretty pathway lights.

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When thinking about garden room patio ideas, consider how you will be using your garden room and then think about how you can seamlessly blend the interior style with the outer area.

Colours, furniture, accessories, plants and lighting will all help to create a welcoming atmosphere. For more inspiration, visit our dedicated show site.

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