Your UK Guide to Garden Office Pods

There are plenty of good reasons why a garden office could prove beneficial to you if you’ve started working from home on a more permanent basis. But if you don’t have much space to spare outside, you may have cast the idea aside. But fear not, because there is a solution for the space-strapped home worker, and that comes in the shape of the garden office pod.

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What is a garden office pod?

Garden office pods are a growing trend when it comes to working from home. Stylish, practical and, best of all compact, office pods allow you to create yourself a dedicated workplace that you can close the door on at the end of the day, without eating up too much of your precious garden.

A garden office pod is a small contemporary-looking building, constructed of Western Red Cedar, and installed in a suitable location in your garden. It is fully kitted out as a home office, to your bespoke requirements, and will serve you all year round courtesy of premium grade insulation, and a heating system if you wish to install one. You can also connect up power and Wi-Fi, so you are fully connected.

What are the benefits of an office pod?

There are various benefits when it comes to opting for a home office pod:

Compact and visually appealing

If you’re looking to create a dedicated space to work from home, you’ll do well to consider office pods. UK wide these garden buildings are proving a highly popular choice, mostly thanks to their compact size.

If you’re loathe to give up your valuable outdoor space, you’ll find that an office pod will fit neatly into a corner, leaving the rest of your garden free to enjoy. The small garden office pod is also the ideal solution if you’re keen to introduce something contemporary and attractive into your garden.

The less expensive home office option

What are the alternatives to the garden office when it comes to creating a dedicated space to work from home? An extension? A garage or loft conversion? All viable options, but very expensive, and incredibly disruptive too.

The great thing about outdoor office pods is that they are just that: outdoors. No need for builders in the house, no dust, no stress. And where the garden office pod falls under permitted development rules, which they do most of the time, then you won’t have all the planning red tape to wade through either.

What’s more, there’s also the opportunity to claim your garden office pod as a business expense if you work for yourself or run your own company. Plus there are plenty of benefits of installing an office pod over renting an office.

All the same benefits of a garden office, in a compact style

There are many reasons why a garden office is a great idea. It gives you your own dedicated home workspace for an improved work/life balance. It can add value and saleability to your home. There’s not usually any need for planning permission. And it’s cheaper than the alternatives.

And with office pods, UK home workers can enjoy the added benefit of a compact version of the garden office, which takes up much less space, is more economical to install and run, and is pleasant to look at with its contemporary appeal.

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With cost savings, a comfortable, dedicated workspace and a compact option for the smaller garden, it’s easy to see why so many people are turning to outdoor office pods as a home working solution.

Why not visit one of our dedicated show sites for garden office pod inspiration? Our family run team is on hand to provide you with friendly, expert advice on creating a home office pod that meets all your needs.

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