5 Benefits of a Garden Office over Renting

Whether you run your own business, or are self-employed and regularly make use of serviced office space or hot desking facilities, you may be considering alternatives to renting, one of which could be a garden office. If this is the case, read on as we explore the benefits of a garden office over renting.

Garden office

1. You could save money with a garden office

Perhaps the most significant benefit of a garden pod office is that it could save you money. For most businesses, rental costs are one of the greatest expenses, which can be particularly challenging to manage if you’re a small or start up business.

What’s more, with working from home becoming increasingly popular, you may find that most of your staff would now prefer to work remotely, which could mean that you have more office space on your hands than you need, proving an unnecessary expense.

Whilst building an office in your garden may involve a fair amount of capital outlay, it is important to consider the bigger picture. Over months and years, you will enjoy savings as you are no longer paying rent or facing high overheads. Your bottom line will improve, and you could reinvest the savings into the growth of your business.

Also, it is often possible to claim your garden office as a business expense, including its construction and running costs.

Garden Office

2. You can say goodbye to the commute with a garden office

Managing public transport and early morning starts before you even get to work can be frustrating and tiring. If you drive to work, traffic and delays can be just as time consuming and stressful.

A garden office pod will however remove all of this stress, instantly relieving the hassle of the journey into work. With a short stroll instead of a trek, it also frees up your valuable time, meaning you can be more work productive, or have more time to spend with the family. What’s more, by cutting the commute, you’ll be saving money too.

3. A garden pod office is comfortable

When you rent office space, whilst you may be able to make minor changes to suit your preferences, the fact remains that it is not your building, so you are limited as to how you can adapt it to your individual needs.

A garden office on the other hand can be completely tailored to your own specification, with the layout, furnishings, décor and all the necessary connectivity customised to suit, so you can make your workspace your own and choose your own comfort levels.

4. A garden office could add value to your home

A garden office pod could add value to your home. Should you sell your property on in the future, estate agents believe that an attractive garden office can add as much as £10,000-£15,000 to its value.

You will however need to consider the potential Capital Gains Tax implications, so do discuss the matter with your accountant if you are thinking of selling up.

Malvern Garden Office

5. An office in the garden can improve work / life balance

A garden pod office gives you the flexibility to work at the times that suit you, giving you the freedom to achieve a better balance of life with family and other commitments. When you work in a garden office, you can easily keep up with household chores or see more of the family.

An office pod is completely different to working from a room in your house and trying to work around everyday disruptions. There are many reasons why installing a garden office is a good idea, not least providing a dedicated workspace that allows you to separate work and family when you need it!

Looking to reduce rental costs with a garden office? Surrey Hills Garden Buildings can show you how.

With cost savings, a comfortable working environment and a better work/life balance, it’s easy to see why so many people are now looking to install a garden office.

Why not visit one of our dedicated show sites for garden office inspiration? Our family run team is on hand to provide you with friendly, expert advice on creating an office pod that meets all your needs.

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