How to Build Your Own Yoga Shed

Yoga is a wonderful way to relax, as well as promoting strength and fitness. If you’re struggling to find time to fit in a class, or do not have the space at home to practice, then a yoga shed could well be the answer. A yoga home studio gives you the flexibility to practice whenever you want, and can provide a dedicated space for your quiet moment of exercise and reflection. Here’s a look at how to build a yoga shed and other home yoga studio ideas.

Yoga shed

Keep your garden yoga studio simple

Whether you’re transforming an unused shed or garden room, or you’re starting from scratch, the key to any yoga home studio is simplicity. You’ll need space to stretch out and lie on your mat, so make sure your home yoga space is clear and free from bulky furniture and clutter. A simple garden yoga studio will create a calm and zen like atmosphere.

Furniture for your yoga shed

You won’t need much furniture in your room for yoga, and a lot will depend upon the size of your garden room. A chest of drawers will be useful to store your mat, cushions, blocks and towels. Shelving and hooks are also great for space saving storage.

Accessories for your home yoga studio

Certain accessories will help to give your home yoga studio a tranquil and peaceful atmosphere. Add plants to link to the outdoors and nature, which will help with your meditation and relaxation.

Hunt out relevant accessories such as Buddha statues, or anything that relates to nature such as shells or stones. You can pick these up at any discount home furnishing stores.

Music is essential for yoga. You’ll need a good speaker and access to Wi-Fi so that you can stream your favourite tunes in your yoga shed.

Don’t forget to add incense to create a soothing atmosphere into your yoga space at home.

Garden room ideas

Open the doors for garden yoga

One of the benefits of having a yoga room at home is that on a warm day, you can open the doors of your yoga shed and let the outside in. What could be more relaxing or grounding than practising garden yoga?

Lighting for your yoga shed

A yoga home studio with large floor to ceiling windows and doors can help flood your yoga shed with natural light.

If you’re practising yoga in the evenings, your garden yoga studio will need to be connected to electricity for artificial lighting. Try lamps or fairy lights rather than harsh overhead lighting to create a soft and relaxing atmosphere.

Looking at how to create your own yoga shed? Talk to the experts at Surrey Hills Garden Buildings.

Your own yoga shed will allow you to practice yoga in the privacy of your own home at a time that suits you. It also gives you the benefit of being at one with nature so that you can enjoy the practice of garden yoga.

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