How to Use a Summerhouse as an Extension of Your Home

If the time has come to add more space to your home, you will be weighing up your options. Should you go for a loft conversion, a garage conversion or a home extension? All are viable ideas, but do they fit with your budget? And what about the disruption during the build? And planning permission? If all of these considerations are putting you off any of the traditional home extensions, have you thought about a summer house extension? Your very own space, nestled in the garden, perfect for a range of uses, and usually no planning permission required. Now there’s an idea!

Victorian summer house

Summer house extension ideas

If you do decide to go for a summer house extension to add space to your home, there are plenty of options, layouts and formats to choose from. And most of the time, you’ll not need any planning permission. What it all boils down to is how you’d like to use the space.

Will it be a place to relax? A getaway haven for hobbies? To practice music, to write, or to paint or draw? To work out, or to work? Will you need to incorporate storage space, or are you looking for a place in which you can entertain?

Once you are clear on your intentions for your new space, you can start to plan the type of summerhouse you’ll go for. To get you started, here are some summer house extension ideas.

Summerhouse with shed attached

If you’re keen to create some leisure space, but storage is important to you too, a combination room in the shape of a summerhouse with side shed could be just what you need. This option really does offer the best of both worlds. You get to enjoy your extended living space, plus you get the storage you need, all in a neat and attractive single building.

Garden office with storage

Summerhouse with deck

A summerhouse with deck is perfect if you have been eager to create some entertaining space at home. With this setup, you can create a games room, a bar or a party lounge, and then on the covered deck, an outdoor seating area. You could even add a hot tub, for the ultimate party piece!

Summerhouse London

Traditional summer house

Of course, there is always the option to keep things simple and go for a traditional summerhouse. A room with a view, ready for you to decorate and use as you please.

It may be you just want a place of your own you can get away to, sit and read and watch the birds and wildlife go by. Add a bistro set, or a comfy lounger, and make the space your own. But if you want to go that bit further, and create a summerhouse gym, a garden office or a workshop, then that is entirely up to you. The whole point is that you create additional living space, courtesy of a summer house extension, that avoids all the hassle of a traditional extension.

Victorian summer house

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