Shed Storage Ideas – 6 Ways to Organise Tools in Your Shed

Garden sheds often end up as a dumping ground for bikes, equipment and tools. It’s easy to see how a shed can end up in an unruly mess. Whether you’re using it as a workshop or as a place to store tools, we look here at six easy shed storage ideas to ensure your shed remains clutter free.

Shed storage ideas

Peg board 

An individual peg board, or a series of peg boards fixed to the walls of your shed, make great workshop shed ideas. You can hang your tools on display giving quick and easy access. Using different sized hooks will allow you to display tools of all sizes.

Shed shelving ideas

Shelving is particularly important in a small shed workshop as you can free up space from the floor and keep work benches clear, making your shed appear more spacious.

There are plenty of different shelving solutions for garden shed storage ideas. Recycle an old bookcase or free-standing shelving unit, or cut plywood to make floating shelves. Try making your shelves deeper or fitting your shelves over a larger surface area on the wall to store more items.

Magnetic bar

For more shed organisation ideas, try using a magnetic bar on which to hang your tools. This is a good way to store small gardening and DIY tools like hammers, saws and chisels. Be sure you choose a magnetic strip that is strong enough to hold all the tools that you’re looking to organise.

Simple DIY shed storage ideas

It can be difficult to store larger tools like rakes, hoes and spades. If they’re left leaning against a shed wall, they can easily end up falling in a heap on the floor, creating chaos.

For cheap and easy tool storage shed ideas, try making a homemade garden tool organiser using a wooden pallet which you can often find for free online. Simply screw the wooden pallet to the bottom of your shed wall and then tuck your larger tools behind it to prevent them from slipping.


For garden workshop ideas, perhaps the most important item you’ll need to keep organised is a workbench. If you have space, a counter top style workbench, where you can stand, and work is best. Install your own workbench by using reclaimed wood, a garden pallet or even an old kitchen worktop.

Organise the space around your workbench by fitting drawers or cupboards underneath and use your pegs, magnetic boards and shelving above for quick and easy access to your tools. Find out more by reading our guide to installing a workshop.

garden workshops

Back of the door

Don’t forget to utilise the space on the back of the shed door. This area is often forgotten but is a good organisational hack for shed workshop interior ideas.

You can easily add hooks, a rack or try hanging a fabric shoe style organiser over the top of the back of the door for easy access to tools or to store odds and ends.

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It’s important to keep your shed organised so that you can easily find the right tool when you need it. Even if you have a tiny space, there are plenty of shed storage ideas which will help keep your tools tidy and your floors and work surfaces free from clutter.

At Surrey Hills Garden Buildings, we can help with everything from the design to the installation of a new garden shed. We can even help with some nifty organisational ideas to keep your new shed looking its best.

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