4 Garden Room Extension Ideas for 2022

Looking to extend your living space for 2022? A garden room extension is just one way to achieve additional room in your home. But just what type of garden room extension should you go for? There are all sorts of options, from creating a home office to installing yourself a garden gym. Here we look at four of the most popular garden room extension ideas to give you the inspiration you need to get started on making more space at home in 2022.

Garden room extension

What is a garden room extension?

A garden room is an alternative to a traditional extension such as a loft conversion, house extension or conservatory. As opposed to all of these options, a garden room extension is a standalone building that is fully detached from the home. It can still add value to the property, but because it is not attached, it doesn’t cause disruption during the build, plus it creates space away from the main house, which can often be a real benefit.

A garden room extension can be used all year round, thanks to modern insulation methods. It can also be fully fitted out with power, WiFi, water and heating, making it versatile enough for any use.

Garden room extension costs are known to be lower than the alternative methods of creating additional space, sometimes by up to £1,000 per square metre.

Even if you only have a small amount of space in your garden, a quality garden room could prove the ideal way to add a few square metres to your home. Because it’s standalone, you get to enjoy space away from the distractions of home. A private area to relax, to pursue a hobby in peace, to work, to play or to keep fit.

What you use your garden room extension for is entirely up to you. To help you decide, here we share with you some of the most popular garden room extension ideas that our customers have been opting for over the past twelve months.

1. Garden office

If you’ve been working from home more recently, or have made the move to home working permanently, you’ll probably be keen to get yourself a space to call your own. Somewhere you can make calls in private, concentrate and get on with your tasks away from the distractions of home. A garden office also allows you to close the door at the end of the day, and leave all the pressures of work behind.

There are various reasons why a garden office can prove the most beneficial option when weighing up how to create a dedicated workspace at home, and it is also possible in some cases to claim your garden office as a business expense.

Building a garden office

2. Home gym

If you’ve committed yourself to getting fit and healthier in 2022, you may have considered a gym membership. But the costs can soon mount up, and you may find it difficult to dedicate the time you need for regular visits. A garden gym on the other hand, once you’ve covered the initial investment, will cost you nothing on a monthly basis, and as it’s conveniently located in your garden, you’ll be more inclined to use it.

There’s nothing to beat working out in the privacy of your own space. It allows you to focus on your personal fitness goals, listen to your own music and generally be yourself without having to worry about what others think. Plus as you’re tucked away in the garden, you won’t be disturbing anyone!

Garden gym

3. Garden studio

With its green views and natural light, a garden studio is the ideal way to create a haven away from home in your garden. If you’ve been thinking about affording yourself some time to step back and relax and invite an air of calm into your life, why not create yourself an outdoor leisure room?

Whether it’s a meditation and yoga retreat, a spa sanctuary, a music or reading room or a creative studio where you can write, paint, draw, sew, knit or do whatever it is that makes you happy, a garden room extension is the ideal solution.

4. Combination garden room

Because garden rooms are so versatile, it’s easy to make the most of the space by creating a combination room. One of the most popular garden room extension ideas is a garden office with storage, ideal if you’re looking to create workspace but also need to store garden equipment, and would prefer not to have a separate shed.

Other garden room combination ideas include a gym and office, a games room and a summer house with built-in shed.

Garden office with storage

Considering a garden room extension? Talk to Surrey Hills Garden Buildings.

Here at Surrey Hills Garden Buildings, we have created many garden room extensions in an array of styles and layouts. Our end-to-end service means you can leave everything to us, from laying the foundations to connecting electricity, air conditioning, audio visual and WiFi, as well as organising flooring, décor and furnishings.

If you’re looking for inspiration, why not pay a visit to one of our dedicated show sites to get some ideas? Our family run team is at the ready to provide you with friendly, expert advice on creating the garden room extension that will make all the difference to your lifestyle.

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