3 Things to Consider When Installing a Garden Workshop

Whether you are into arts and crafts as a hobby, you are carving out a career in making things, or you already run your own crafts business but are running out of room at home, a garden workshop can make the ideal space for your work. Thinking of installing a garden workshop? Here’s what you need to consider.

garden workshops

Garden workshops can be the ideal solution for the budding craftsperson or arty entrepreneur. But it’s always worth taking time to make sure your creative haven suits you and your activities perfectly.

Whether you’re an embroiderer or dress maker, a woodworker or jeweller, a baker or leatherworker or a ceramicist or toy maker, the following advice should prove helpful as you weigh up your garden workshop options.

1. How much space do you need?

Think about how much space you’ll need, not just to comfortably work on your craft, but also for storage, and for accommodating the items you’ll be working on and the equipment you’ll need.

Consider the likes of work benches, seating, shelving and cupboards, and how much space you’ll have once all of these are installed.

Will you have visitors to your garden workshop, or co-workers? An admin area with a computer? A tea station, sink or bathroom?

Also think about what your space needs might be in the future. What if your business takes off and you need more room to take in additional work? Or staff?

Could you make use of multifunctional furniture or foldaway benches or seating to create more space?

Be sure to carefully plan your space, because you don’t want to finally get the garden workshop of your dreams, only to find that it’s not quite accommodating all your needs.

Garden workshops

2. How to make yourself comfortable?

How much time will you spend in your garden workshop? How can you make sure you are comfortable, even if you are in there several hours a day?

The likes of ventilation, natural light, heating, insulation and cooling are very important considerations. Most garden workshops will require an electricity supply, if not only for the compulsory craft person’s kettle. And WiFi is usually a must too. You may also need a water supply, and perhaps a toilet to save you going back and forth to the main house.

A light and bright workspace is usually vital for crafts. So be sure to factor in plenty of windows, floor to ceiling where possible, to let in maximum natural light. But do think about adding blinds too. These will keep your garden workshop cooler when the sun is shining in, as well as hiding everything away from outside view at the end of the working day.

Task lighting is also an important consideration, especially if you’ll be working in your garden room after dark, and for those days when that sunlight is proving elusive.

Garden workshops

3. Is a garden room right for your craft hobby or business?

For most craftspeople, having their own space away from the main house is a dream come true. And often it’s a dream for the rest of the family too, who get to take back the space that’s been taken over with all that arts and crafts paraphernalia.

It’s also usually a lot more affordable to install a garden workshop than to rent workspace. And of course, there’s no commute. Plus, if you are setting up the workshop for your business, then you should be able to claim the costs back as a business expense.

Most garden workshops won’t require planning permission, although it is important to check before you get started.

Why not pay a visit to a garden room show site to get some inspiration and a feel for garden workshops? You’ll be able to envisage how you’ll work and whether this type of building is right for you.

Garden workshops

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