How Your Shed Can Help with World Wellbeing Week 2022

Throughout the world, many will be marking World Wellbeing Week. UK residents are sharing activities and events on social media that include hobbies, gardening and leisure pastimes. Here we look at the different ways that your humble garden shed can help enhance your well-being.

World Wellbeing Week

World Wellbeing Week this year falls between 27th June and 1st July 2022. Now in its fourth year, the week reflects the increasing importance for us all to focus on the mental and physical wellbeing of our friends, family and neighbours, as well as ensuring that we don’t neglect our own wellbeing too. 

The Men’s Shed Movement for World Wellbeing Week

Pottering away in a shed may in itself be something that you enjoy and find beneficial as part of World Wellbeing Week. But did you did you know there is a growing community of men and women known as ‘Shedders’ who enjoy the shared pursuit of making, mending and creating as part of a social group?

Sometimes it’s with a focus on building or restoring a community project e.g., for a school. At other times, it’s simply getting together with a common theme to share knowledge and skills.

This movement is not only gaining in popularity, but many members have expressed increased happiness through making new friendships and feeling less anxiety and depression.

Whether you enjoy a peaceful time in the shed on your own away from the strains of work and family life, or if you do so as part of a group such as The Shedders, it demonstrates how time spent in your shed can help with World Wellbeing Week.

Sheds and lifestyle rooms

When you think of a shed, you might think of a dusty wooden structure that is used to store garden tools and bikes.

The truth is that sheds can be much more than that. With quality design and decoration, you can instead have a lifestyle or leisure garden room built complete with heating, electrics, full connectivity and fixtures and fittings.

World Wellbeing Week

Who wouldn’t welcome some time relaxing in a purpose built garden room away from it all for World Wellbeing Week?

Here are a few tasters for how your modern shed or garden room could be used to enhance well-being:

Art studio

Whether you like the idea of painting, pottery or sculpting, a garden art studio aids mental health and is an excellent focus for World Wellbeing Week.

Relaxing with the stars

How about enjoying the peace and quiet beneath the stars for World Wellbeing Week? Your very own shed observatory would not only be a wonderful way to relax, but could also be introduced as a peaceful new hobby.

home observatory shed

A garden workshop

If you enjoy tinkering in your shed, could it become something more? Could your hobby or crafting become a pastime you pursue as a business or career that you truly love? Whether it’s baking, metal work, sewing, writing, woodwork or making jewellery, follow your dreams for World Wellbeing Week and think about turning your shed into a productive garden workshop.

A health retreat

Perhaps you’d like something more relaxing from your garden shed? If yoga, meditation or a spa is more your thing, then how about building a shed as health retreat room as a  a fitting tribute to World Wellbeing Week. Why not use a garden room as your own haven of escape from the day’s stresses?

Wondering how a shed garden room could be used as part of World Wellbeing Week 2022? Talk to the experts at Surrey Hills Garden Buildings.

World Wellbeing Week highlights the need to look after ourselves. Your shed or garden room could be used to focus on your well-being either alone, or as part of a sociable group like The Men’s Shed Movement.

Talk to our knowledgeable team to find out more about how a shed can be built completely to your specification and needs.

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