What is the Best Flooring for a Garden Room?

There’s a lot to think about when you’re considering investing in a garden room. As well as the design, decoration and type of garden room, you’ll need to think about flooring. The choice of flooring will relate closely to how you intend to use your garden room. With this in mind, let’s explore some of the most popular garden room flooring ideas.

Garden room flooring ideas

Laminate flooring

When it comes to garden room flooring ideas, laminate flooring is versatile and easy to keep clean. And nowadays, it can mimic the look of real wood very well.

Whether you’re looking at using your garden room as a haven in which to relax, or you’ll be using it as a garden office or fitness studio, laminate flooring will usually work well.

Ceramic tiles

Ceramic tiling is a timeless option which never go out of fashion. Ceramic tiles are durable and easy to maintain. There’s a wide range of choice in terms of size, style and colour, so sourcing something that suits the décor of your garden room should be a breeze.

The only downside with ceramic tiles is that they can get cold in the winter months. But there are ways of heating a garden room that will help get around this issue, or you could invest in a warm rug or two to add style and comfort to your garden room during the colder months.

Wood flooring

When it comes to garden room flooring ideas, nothing says quality like a real wooden floor. We recommend that you opt for a hardwood flooring rather than softwood. It’s far more durable, and will provide better insulation to your garden room.

Real wooden floors do tend to be more expensive, but they compensate for this with their longevity. Also bear in mind that you will need to invest in specific treatments to keep your wooden floor looking good and remaining fit for purpose outside of the main home.

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Vinyl flooring

Vinyl flooring has improved so much in recent years since the days of ‘lino’. It is now much more durable, warm and easy to lay.

It’s also inexpensive, and designs have been updated. So you can now select vinyl flooring that looks just like real wood or ceramic tiles.

With so much variety, and with vinyl being so easy to maintain, this flooring is fit for any type of garden room design.


When considering garden room flooring ideas, a carpet will provide warmth and comfort, giving a luxurious feel. And with so many designs and colours available, you’re bound to find a carpet that suits the individual style of your garden room.

Carpet gives welcoming feel to a garden room, ideal if it’s being used as an office, reading or cinema room. But it might not be quite as practical for an aerobics or art studio. So best to consider the right flooring, for the right use.

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