How to Create a Mediterranean Summer House

Who wouldn’t want to bring a touch of European style to their garden? Even if we can’t enjoy the continental weather, it would be lovely to sit in a Mediterranean garden and imagine ourselves on holiday. Here we look at how to create a Mediterranean summer house as well as sharing some tempting Mediterranean garden ideas.

Mediterranean summer house

Inside your Mediterranean summer house

Take inspiration for the décor of your summer house from Spain, Italy or Greece. Mediterranean houses typically feature a cool white or neutral backdrop with splashes of vibrant colour. Try using terracotta, mustard yellow and azure blue to accessorise, or as a feature to complement the neutrals.

Your Mediterranean summer house will look on-trend with some cool tiles on the floor or around the walls. Blue and white tiles are synonymous with many European countries. DIY shops and online retailers in the UK now stock lots of Mediterranean style tiles to help you achieve that continental vibe.

Think also about the furniture for your Mediterranean summer house. Keep it as uncluttered as possible; European houses tend to have a simple and minimalistic feel. Don’t be afraid to mix up old and new style or traditional with modern. Good quality wooden furniture works well and will set the theme. Try blending this with earthy accessories. Wicker furniture alongside modern lighting or natural stone looks striking against bright white walls.

Mediterranean summer house

Outside your Mediterranean summer house

If achieving a Mediterranean garden in the UK sounds like an almost impossible mission, don’t despair, there are some hints and tips to continue the European flow from inside your summer house through to the garden.

Just like the inside of your Mediterranean summer house, European gardens tend to be cool and simplistic. Go for pale or white coloured gravel pathways or natural stone patios, and then mix in vibrant shades of terracotta, blue and yellow for accessories and plant pots. If you’re feeling brave, you could opt to have your summerhouse or a feature wall within your garden painted in one of these colours too.

Other Mediterranean garden ideas will relate to your plant choice. Opt for fragrant plants with pale silver leaves such as santolina, artemesia and lavender. Use lots of terracotta pots in varying sizes dotted around your garden and fill with plants that have bursts of colour. Reds and pinks are typically Mediterranean such as bougainvillea, peonies and geraniums.

For a typical Mediterranean garden, you could try planting an olive or citrus tree in, but you will need to bring them indoors – perhaps into your Mediterranean summer house – during the colder winter months.

Mediterranean summer house

Looking to create a Mediterranean summer house? Talk to the experts at Surrey Hills Garden Buildings.

A Mediterranean summer house will be a welcome addition to any garden and could give inspiration for European holidays and warmer climates whatever the weather here in the UK. Surrey Hills Garden Buildings can help with everything from design through to the installation of your summer house.

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