How to Protect Your Garden Shed: Shed Maintenance Tips and Ideas

Regularly maintaining your shed is essential if you want to enhance the life of it, as well as protect the contents inside. Here we look at the best maintenance tips to protect a shed and ideas for the best waterproof shed treatment.

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Regularly treat the wood to protect shed

Before the colder months set in when the wet weather can seriously affect your shed, you should treat the wood on an annual basis.

For the best shed preserver, a wooden shed treatment can either be water or oil based. Both are effective but work differently in preserving the wood and keeping water out. Oil seeps into the wood, and water based preserves treat it from the outside.

It is recommended that you don’t mix shed preservative treatments, so stick to one or the other.

Make any repairs

Repair any loose panels on your shed and patch up any holes. Even small holes can let rain water in during the winter months which can cause devastation to your shed and whatever you have inside.

Check your shed roof

Your shed roof is the most exposed to the weather and needs to be regularly checked to protect your shed. Remove leaves and ensure that any holes or gaps are patched up. Check the weak points along the edges and ridge lines. Felt will deteriorate over time so repair or replace it after a few years. If you need to replace the roof completely, check out our guide to choosing the best wood for your shed roof.

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Clear out the inside of shed

Many people ask, “Should I treat the inside of my shed?” One of the best things you can do to protect a shed is to clear out the inside. Some items like golf clubs can soak up moisture which can damage your shed over time.

Throw out anything you don’t need or use anymore and give everything a clean and an airing before you put it back. Take a look at our guide for more ideas on how stop a shed getting damp.

Check windows and floors

If you’re wondering how to protect the shed floor and how to stop shed floor rotting, one of the best things you can do is to make sure your shed is sitting on a proper base. A shed that sits directly on the ground is more likely to suffer with damp. A simple wooden base will allow air to circulate in your shed and prevent damp setting in.

Another maintenance tip for shed mould treatment is to regularly check the windows within your shed. Window frames can easily crack and allow water to trickle into the shed causing rot and damp. Repair cracks in your window sills by using expanding foam. Check out more ideas for how to waterproof a shed.

If you’re looking for maintenance tips on how to protect your shed, talk to the experts at Surrey Hills Garden Buildings!

Regular maintenance can be the difference between owning your shed for many years or letting it quickly become run down. Regular maintenance checks on your shed can save time and money in the long term.

The friendly team at Surrey Hills Garden Buildings can give you all sorts of tips and ideas on how keep a low maintenance shed.

If you decide to buy a new shed, we can help with the design and installation as well as giving you lots of advice for helping to protect your shed.

Visit our dedicated show site for ideas or please get in touch to find out more.

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