Japanese Garden Ideas and How to Create a Japanese Tea House Shed

Japanese garden ideas are becoming more popular as people increasingly look for a calm place to relax in their outside space. Traditionally, Japanese gardens were used for different purposes, and we look here at some of these along with other Japanese garden design ideas which will help to provide you with a tranquil oasis. To complete your Japanese garden theme, we also explore how to create a Japanese tea house shed.

Japanese garden ideas

Japanese strolling garden

A strolling garden in Japan is used for quiet reflection. This Japanese garden theme is popular and is easy to create in UK gardens of all sizes today.

Wooden decking is used to create walkways and paths which meander through a series of smaller mini gardens or zones.

Gravel and rock garden

A gravel and rock garden often feature in Japanese garden ideas and make a stunning visual impact. An underused corner could be the perfect spot to introduce this Japanese garden inspiration. Just make sure that your chosen spot is flat and not on a slope.

Choose an odd number of rocks – usually groups of 3, 5 or 7 work best – then carefully rake fine, pale coloured gravel into circles which radiate out from the rocks.

Japanese garden design ideas

Japanese garden ideas – accessories

Certain garden accessories will help to give you a modern Japanese garden. Stone lanterns commonly feature within Japanese garden ideas which were traditionally used to light the way to temples.

Fabric lanterns are another great way to add colour and light to your outside eating area and can be used to create zen garden ideas around your pergola, trellis, hanging tree branches or even to your Japanese garden buildings.

Add a Japanese style bridge to give your garden a distinctive look. Your garden doesn’t need to be huge or have a stream running through it, as the bridge traditionally represented the journey from the mortal world to the afterlife. It can add structure and connect different areas within your modern Japanese garden.

For more Japan garden ideas, be sure to include any form of bamboo accessories. Bamboo is fast growing, sustainable and durable. Use it to create fencing, screen areas or pathways and combine with wind chimes or water features for the ultimate Japanese garden effect.

Create a Japanese tea house shed UK

For more Japanese garden inspiration, you could include a Japanese garden house. Historically, Japanese tea houses were used within tranquil gardens to escape the busyness of the chaotic main streets.

If you’re looking to update your existing shed to become a Japanese garden room, you will need to adapt the two most important points on your shed which are the roof and the windows. A Japanese tea shed can be made from metal or wood.

Japanese tea house shed UK

For the roof, Japanese tea house sheds have ridged tiles with those at the front overhanging the edge. Once this is complete, you can add details such as scrolls to the edge of your roof tiles for a more authentic look.

A traditional Japanese style summer house UK will feature shoji windows and doors. This grid-like style can also be incorporated on the more traditional sliding doors.

For more Japanese garden ideas, your tea style shed could incorporate steps leading up to a wooden veranda at the front. Use bonsai style plants to decorate and keep with the theme.

For the inside décor, your Japanese tea shed should have a minimal style. Stick to white walls and wooden floors and use wood or bamboo to accessorise. Choose minimalist furniture, such as a basic table and chair set or futon and floor cushions. Finish off with Japanese style pictures, orchids and traditional tatami floor mats.

Looking to create a Japanese tea shed as part of your Japanese garden ideas? Let the team at Surrey Hills Garden Buildings help!

There are plenty of Japanese garden ideas you can use to transform your outside space into a peaceful retreat. Set off your Japanese garden theme with a traditional looking Japanese tea shed.

Don’t forget, if you’d rather install a new shed instead of adapting your existing shed, we can help with the design and installation.

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