What is The Best Wood for a Shed Roof?

Whether you’re using a shed for storage, a garden office room, or relaxing retreat, there’s no denying that it will make a useful addition to your property. Whatever the purpose of shed, you will need a roof that suits the structure and best protects it from the elements of your local climate. Here we look at things to consider, and attempt to answer what is the best wood for a shed roof.

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Things to consider when looking for the best wood for shed roof UK

A roof is perhaps one of the most important elements of your shed. You’ll want it to look good, fit in with the style of your home and garden as well as stand up to the job of protecting the contents inside.

Here are some things to bear in mind when searching for the best wood for a shed roof.


Certain woods are more expensive than others. You’ll need to take budget into account, but don’t forget to weigh up the long term cost of maintaining and repairing your shed roof. Most sheds aren’t huge in size, so it’s unlikely that you’ll need a huge amount of material.


You may have a specific design in mind for your shed. Or perhaps you want to choose the best wood for your shed roof to fit in with the style of your property. Either way, the style will impact the type of wood you opt for.


Think about the climate where you live. Do you get a lot of heavy rain or strong winds? If you live near the coast where exposure to sand and salt may affect your choice for the best wood for your shed roof, it makes sense to choose a timber that is designed to stand up to these factors.

Pitch of your roof

Some wood will work better on a flat roof shed, whilst others are more suited to a pitched roof, so this is worth bearing in mind.


If you’re wondering who to choose the best wood for your shed roof, it’s worth thinking about the quality. A high quality timber will likely last much longer than a cheaper alternative, which could prove a false economy.

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What is the best wood for a shed roof?

There are plenty of options when thinking about the type of roof for your shed including tiling, asphalt roll roofing, shingles or a metal roof.

When it comes to the wood used on your roof, at Surrey Hills Garden Buildings we think it’s best to opt for something that is of good quality, that will look attractive, stand the test of time and require less maintenance.

Surrey Hills Garden Buildings use only premium quality materials made from sustainable resources. Our Malvern Collection sheds for example are constructed from Canadian Western Red kiln dried cedar, which is stylish, durable and known for its natural thermal insulation properties.

Looking to buy a quality wooden shed? Visit Surrey Hills Garden Buildings.

There’s a lot to think about when choosing a new garden shed. If you’re wondering what is the best wood for your shed roof, then talk to our friendly team who can talk you through the options.

Our Malvern Collection featuring Canadian cedar wood looks amazing, is of top quality and is highly durable. We can also talk you through the extensive choice of features including slate effect roof tiles, slatted or tongue and groove roofs.

Why not visit our dedicated show site for inspiration? Or get in touch to find out more about our sheds collection.

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