How Much Does a Shed Add to Property Value?

Garden sheds are incredibly versatile and suit a range of purposes. Whether you use yours for garden storage, or as something more creative such as a home office or exercise studio, it begs the question, how much does a shed add to property value?

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How does a shed add value to a home?

 A shed is the easiest way to give homeowners extra space. Whilst loft conversions and extensions offer a permanent and more structured way to extend space within the home, they also take time, can be expensive and often cause a lot of mess in the process. Planning permission may also be required.

As a rule, sheds do not need planning permission, unless the size, location or use of the shed is unusual. If people intend to live in the shed, then this will affect planning permission. It’s best to check with your local authority if you’re unsure.

A garden shed can be used for different purposes including storage, a garden room, an exercise studio or a home office. If you’re thinking of moving, it’s useful to show potential buyers how your shed could be used in different ways. A good clear out will allow you to show off the size and space and may help add to the value.

What factors affect how much a shed adds to property value?

There are a few elements involved when trying to answer the question how much does a shed add to property value?

Size and style of shed

Sheds come in an array of sizes and styles. A large garden shed will provide more space for storage or your chosen use and it will give potential buyers a better vision of how they could use it.


If your garden shed is dilapidated and in need of maintenance, then it stands to reason that it will add less value to your property than a shed that is of good quality and needs little work. If your shed has a fair space, is well-designed and potential buyers can envisage different uses for it, then it will boost the interest in your property.

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Another element which helps to answer how much does a shed add to property value is the features of your garden shed. For example, a shed that has its own electricity supply is suddenly much more appealing to potential buyers because it opens up more possible uses. With electricity, you can install lighting and heating, as well as power for the likes of computers, Wi-Fi and TVs.

Think about other features that your shed currently has or could have which will boost the appeal. This might include other connective features such as a phone line or water supply. It could include design features such as glazed windows or a veranda. Even the decoration of the shed and shed security can boost the value further.

How much does a shed add to property value?

As shown, a shed can add value to a property, but a lot will affect the actual amount, including the size, style and purpose of the shed. Generally, garden sheds can add to the property value of a house by around five to ten per cent.

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