Make Your Outdoor Space Fantastic with a Fancy Garden Shed – 6 Inspirational Ideas

Whether it’s being used for storage or as a garden room, it’s worth looking at different shed styles to inject personality and give your shed a unique feel. Here we look at some cool garden sheds and give six ideas to help you achieve a fancy garden shed.

Fancy garden shed

1. Shabby chic pretty sheds

Create a fancy garden shed with a shabby chic style. The natural use of wood instantly lends itself to this idea, and you can complement it by adding touches of pastel pink, pale blue or mauve colours. Add floral or vintage looking accessories and distressed furniture to complete the look.

Shabby chic is on trend right now, so fancy sheds are easy to achieve. You can upcycle a table, chair or chest of drawers by applying a coat of paint and sanding away the top layer to get the distressed look. Or hunt down bargains on auction or local websites.

2. Japanese tea house high quality shed

If you’re looking for a fancy garden shed with a difference, how about incorporating an exotic style with a Japanese tea house shed?

These distinctive and attractive garden sheds feature a large overhanging roof and grid-like shoji windows and doors. And they make the perfect getaway haven too!

Japanese tea house shed UK

3. Shed colour ideas UK

Whatever its size, garden shed paint ideas are an easy way to make your shed look incredible.

When choosing a colour, opt for something that complements your house and garden, or choose a bold colour that creates a contrast.

Another idea is to choose a colour scheme that is in-keeping with your chosen theme. Take a look at our guide to choosing the best colours for your shed.

4. Small garden ideas with a shed

If you’re short on outdoor space, combination rooms are worth pursuing. These fancy garden sheds provide a good solution for those seeking a leisure or workspace room, but who don’t wish to sacrifice the storage option of a shed.

For a fancy garden shed, how about combining a traditional garden shed with a greenhouse? Not only will you get the benefit of a dual purpose room, but the contrast between wood and glass make these stylish and unusual sheds.

5. Luxury garden sheds

Want a fancy garden shed that is the height of luxury? Then think about kitting it out with a host of mod-cons.

From luxurious furnishings and bi-fold doors to Wi-Fi controlled heating and lighting, there is plenty you can do to add a touch of luxury to your shed. Check out our guide to creating the ultimate luxury garden room.

summer house ideas


6. Themed stylish sheds

Another easy way to achieve the ultimate fancy garden shed is to theme it. This could be as simple as a giving it a certain colour scheme, to something more elaborate such as nautical, vintage or Mediterranean themes.

How about a charming fairy-tale based theme where your cute wooden or stone shed is nestled at the bottom of your garden surrounded by plants to give it a mysterious feel?

With themes, there are endless possibilities; inspiration is best taken with something that interests you or is close to your heart.

For fancy garden sheds, visit Surrey Hills Garden Buildings

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