How to Create a Trendy Rustic Shed

Garden sheds don’t have to be battered old hideaways! Why not enjoy a rustic garden shed instead? And by rustic, we don’t mean dilapidated; we are talking about a stylish, vintage feel. Here we explore rustic shed ideas and look at how to create trendy rustic sheds you can be proud of.

rustic sheds

Rustic garden shed colours

A rustic theme focuses on neutral colours like cream, beige, grey and terracotta. When choosing a colour for your rustic wood shed, it’s best to avoid bright shades and instead choose calm colours that complement neutrals as well as blend into the surrounding garden landscape. We suggest cool blues, olive greens and slate greys.

Take a look at our guide for more ideas on colours for your shed.

When it comes to painting your rustic shed design, don’t be too exact; rough and non-perfect areas with your painting will all add to the rustic feel.

Choose plants and flowers to complement your rustic garden shed

The right choice in plants and flowers is key to all rustic garden shed ideas, so to make it authentic, you’ll need to include plenty of foliage on and around your rustic garden shed.

Window boxes and hanging baskets work well enough to display plants around a rustic garden shed, but why not get creative? Try using an old watering can, teapot, bucket or even an old bath to showcase your blooms.

Basic wooden crates make an ideal planter when painted in a colour that fits in with your rustic garden shed. Not only do these types of containers create interest, they more in-keeping with the theme too.

If you’re looking for pots to dot around your rustic storage shed, or if you want to decorate a rustic shed with a porch, be sure to choose pots that are made from natural materials. Wicker, stone and terracotta are all a good choice. And choose flowers that are of a similar shade or palette to give a more harmonious feel.

Rustic sheds

Rustic she sheds interior

For more rustic shed ideas, you’ll need to think about the interior. Re-purpose old furniture that you no longer want or need in the house to give your shed an authentic rustic feel.

Old wooden chairs and stools, coffee tables or bedside tables are ideal additions for a backyard rustic shed. Sand them down and then give a light coat of paint to get a distressed, vintage look.

For rustic she sheds, you’ll need to include plenty of classic accessories. Choose natural textures such as glass jars and bottles which you can use as vases, stone pots and earthen pitchers.

Hunt through car boot sales or online for antique lamps, vintage looking mirrors and old picture frames. For more advice, take a look at our guide to achieving a shabby chic style garden shed.

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A rustic garden shed mixes practicality with creativity. Incorporate elements of nature such as natural textures and use plenty of garden plants and foliage with rustic accessories. Most of all, have fun and get creative with it!

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