Garden Room Kitchen: 5 Inspiring Ideas

Whether you’re dreaming of a stylish new kitchen in which to entertain, or you’re keen to incorporate a kitchen into a garden room, these garden room kitchen ideas should provide you with the inspiration you need to get your project underway.

Garden room kitchen ideas

1. Standalone outdoor garden kitchen

If you’re lacking space in your house, or simply longing for a big kitchen in which to entertain friends and family, a standalone garden room kitchen could be the perfect solution.

Luxury outdoor kitchens will give you optimum space. Because they are situated in the garden, they’ll offer the ideal setting.

Imagine large windows flooding your new kitchen with light, and bi-fold doors opening out on to the garden in the summer sunshine whilst you cook, eat and relax. Or how about celebrating Christmas in your wonderful new family garden room kitchen?

Despite being situated outside, there’s no need for your outdoor garden kitchen to be cold in the winter. Take a look at our guide for making your garden room cosy and if you have space, you could install a wood burner to make your garden room kitchen warm and inviting too.

If you enjoy cooking, then a new outdoor garden kitchen will allow you to explore options such as a pizzeria or garden BBQ kitchen.

outdoor garden kitchen

2. Office garden room kitchen

If you’re using your garden room as a home office, you may want to consider installing an outdoor garden kitchen to avoid making the journey back into the house every time you want a cup of tea or some lunch.

Depending on the size of your office garden room, your kitchen may well be less flamboyant than the first example. Small garden kitchen ideas for your garden office may include a separate area which contains a simple workbench, a wall cupboard, small sink and of course, a kettle and mini fridge. You’ll need to ensure that electricity is installed to power up your kettle of course!

3. Therapy studio garden room kitchen

As a therapist or counsellor working in a garden therapy studio, a small kitchen area will give you the option of providing refreshments for clients.

Installing plumbing for a garden room bathroom and kitchen will make your studio completely self-sufficient avoiding any awkward and unnecessary trips into your home.

4. Art studio garden room kitchen

If you’re an artist or writer, a garden room kitchen could be just the thing to prevent your creativity being interrupted.

Not only will you avoid losing inspiration whenever you need the next cup of tea, but a garden room kitchen within your art studio will give you the chance to wash up or clean your brushes after you’ve finished for the day too. Again, a simple sink area in a small kitchenette area would be ideal.

5. Airbnb garden room kitchen

For more garden kitchen ideas, how about installing a kitchen as part of an Airbnb garden room?  Don’t forget, if you’re planning on turning your garden room into a full Airbnb let where clients stay and sleep, you will need to apply for planning permission.

If your residents will be sleeping in the main house, your garden room may take the form of a relaxation or activity room such as a yoga retreat or dance studio, and you could easily install a garden room kitchen as part of relaxation area. Perhaps include a sink, work bench, a few cupboards, fridge and if space allows, a small table.

As part of your Airbnb investment, you’ll need to connect up with electricity, and consider installing Wi-Fi to give your guests a better experience.

Thinking about a garden room kitchen? Talk to the experts at Surrey Hills Garden Buildings.

If you’re looking for a garden room kitchen, either as a new spacious room in which to cook and entertain or as an added extra to your garden lifestyle room, talk to the experts at Surrey Hills Garden Buildings.

We can help with everything from design through to installation and decoration. We can also help with those added extras, including the installation of plumbing, power and Wi-Fi.

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