Cladding Garden Room: The Best Garden Room Cladding Ideas

Cladding not only helps make your garden room look attractive, but it will protect it from the elements and provide insulation so that you can use your garden room throughout the year too, even in the depths of winter. Here we look at ideas for cladding a garden room whilst weighing up the best cladding for a garden room.

composite clad garden room from Surrey Hills

Garden room cladding ideas

There are two main choices for cladding garden rooms, those being composite and timber. Whilst there are several timber options available, the best of these is Western Red Cedar which is renowned for its high quality finish, thermal properties, durability and attractive appearance.

Composite garden room cladding

Composite garden buildings are known for their strength and durability. Available in range of colours and styles, composite gives a stunning finish that can be tailored to your exact requirements.

The composite garden rooms at Surrey Hills Garden Buildings have a multi-layer insulation giving optimum thermal performance. This means your garden room will be warm and cosy in the winter, and cool in the summer.

Composite cladding for a garden room doesn’t need to be weatherproofed or have special treatment like timber cladding. Instead, composite clad rooms can be cared for with a warm soapy wash using a soft brush or sponge every six months, which makes them maintenance free garden rooms.

Composite garden rooms

Western Red Cedar timber cladding for garden rooms

For more garden room cladding ideas, consider Western Red Cedar timber. Naturally insulating, this beautiful wood will provide excellent protection for your garden room, whatever the great British weather throws at it.

Western Red Cedar timber is highly durable and naturally robust against rot, fungus and decay, plus it has a long lifespan of at least 25 years. It continues to be a popular choice for garden office cladding because its attractive reddish brown wood colour gives it a contemporary yet classic look that will suit any garden.

garden home office

Best cladding for garden room style and practicality

Which is the best cladding for a garden room? At Surrey Hills Garden Buildings, our choices of composite or Western Red Cedar timber provide you, in our opinion, with two of the very best choices based on durability, appearance, maintenance, sustainability and cost.

Both options will make a superb impression. The Western Red Cedar with its premium and natural looking beauty, and the composite with its wide range of colours and styles.

The composite option is low maintenance and highly durable, whilst the Western Red Cedar is eco-friendly, cost effective and naturally hardwearing.

Looking to invest in a sustainable and durable garden building? Talk to Surrey Hills.

It’s worth remembering that the entire range of garden buildings at Surrey Hills Garden Buildings can be ordered with either composite or timber cladding, helping to insulate, protect and give your garden room a unique look.

So, whether you’re looking for a garden office, therapy room, or summer house, cladding a garden room will enhance it with a distinct style.

If you’re still not sure about garden room cladding ideas, talk to the professionals at Surrey Hills Garden Buildings who can help run through the options. Why not visit our dedicated show site to get some inspiration? Or get in touch where we’ll be glad to answer your questions.

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