Allotment Sheds – Which is The Best Shed for Your Allotment?

Owning an allotment is becoming more popular as people look to save money and grow their own fruit and vegetables. An allotment shed is a valuable addition to any growing plot, so join us as we take a look at some of the best allotment sheds and share some of our favourite allotment shed ideas.

allotment shed

Why get an allotment shed?

The main use for an allotment shed is to store all your tools and equipment on site. It saves constantly lugging back and forth spades, trowels and wheel barrows every time you visit your plot.

An allotment shed can also be used as a place to grow seeds and plants before they’re mature enough to transfer outside. Additionally, an allotment shed can act as a windbreak to protect seedlings.

Allotment sheds with guttering are a good place to collect and store rainwater to nurture your plot.

Finally, an allotment shed can provide a much needed refuge in the unpredictable British weather. Use it to shelter from the rain or grab a well-deserved cuppa after all that digging.

What are the rules on allotment sheds?

Every allotment will have its own rules and regulations, including whether an allotment shed is allowed. Some will require permission before erecting a shed. Others will have stipulations about the size of your allotment shed, so do check the regulations or ask your landowner.

Some allotments have rules in place about the location of your allotment shed. If they don’t, then it’s worth making sure that your shed is in a place that doesn’t block out light to your planting area or that of your neighbour’s.

Finally, some allotments have rules about the maintenance of your allotment shed, or you may have to have provisions in place about what becomes of your shed when you decide to give up your allotment.

What’s the best type of allotment shed?

Again, different landowners across the UK will have various regulations about the permitted size of allotment sheds.

You’ll also need to decide whether you want to sacrifice your growing area and choose a larger style allotment shed which will give you more storage and perhaps somewhere to sit during rainy or very hot weather, or whether you’d rather opt for a smaller style allotment shed and maximise the amount of produce you can grow.

At Surrey Hills Garden Buildings, we find that a 6×4 shed is a popular allotment shed size, and that an Apex, Pent or Woodford style shed can be a good choice for allotments.

woodford shed

Allotment shed ideas

Once you’ve chosen your shed, you may want to consider these allotment shed ideas:

Allotment shed security

Sheds on allotments are easy targets for thieves and vandals, so make sure your allotment shed is secure with a decent padlock, by chaining up any equipment inside and keeping anything of any value inside to a minimum.

Allotment storage in your shed

Every inch in your allotment shed will be valuable, so you may have to get creative with your storage ideas. Check out our guide for creative ways to organise your tools.

A potting bench

If you’ve got the room, a potting bench is a good investment and will save you scrabbling around on the floor.

How to build a grow room in a shed

A water butt

Install guttering to your allotment shed and you can then collect rainwater which will allow you to easily water your crops, and save money on water bills in the process.

A comfy chair

Ideally, your allotment shed will have room to include a stove, a kettle and somewhere to put your feet up. And a comfy chair to sit back and enjoy a cup of tea after your hard work is a must.

Looking for an allotment shed? Visit Surrey Hills Garden Buildings.

An allotment shed is a great way to store tools, nurture seedlings and take a rest after some hard work at the allotment.

Don’t forget to check out the rules with your landowner before going ahead and buying an allotment shed. It’s worth spending some time thinking about the location of your shed too.

The family run team at Surrey Hills Garden Buildings can give you lots of help and advice about the size, style and features you may need for an allotment shed.

Why not visit our dedicated show site for inspiration? Or get in touch, we’ll be happy to answer your questions.

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