6 Things to do with an Old Shed

Garden sheds are handy for storing anything from garden tools to bikes. But an old shed can quickly become an eyesore. Wondering what to do with an old shed? Whether you’re looking to repair, replace or re-purpose your garden shed, here’s a look at different ways to deal with it.

Old shed

1. Repair an old shed

 If your shed is looking a bit sad, it may be salvageable rather than ready for the scrapyard. Start by thoroughly checking over your old garden shed to see exactly what is wrong with it.

Small problems such as a loose panel or a minor leak in the roof are worth fixing and making repairs, but bigger problems such as a large area of warped wood or an unstable base, may mean ditching the repairs altogether and replacing your old shed.

Common repairs to old sheds include work on the roof. We often get asked “can you felt over old felt on a shed roof?” There’s no harm in doing this, but do make sure old nails and staples are removed or hammered in to prevent tears appearing in the new felt.

2. Replace the old shed with a new one

If you’ve had a good look over the outside and inside of your old garden shed and realised that the repairs will be too great, you may decide to replace your old shed with a brand new one.

The great thing about starting again from scratch is that you can find a new shed that fits exactly to your requirements. Perhaps you can choose a different type of design, or select a larger shed than you had before? Maybe you want to change the location of your shed in your garden, or try a shed that has access to electricity?

Now is the perfect opportunity!

3. Extend or re-purpose your old garden shed

If you’re finding that your old shed is not fulfilling its purpose, or you’re just not making good use of it in its current state, then perhaps it’s time you updated it.

If you’re running out of space with your old shed, then it’s worth considering a shed extension. You can remove one side of your shed, extend the base and build a new wall.

A shed extension can help if you’re looking for more space that is multifunctional. You can extend by adding on another distinct useable area such as a greenhouse or workshop or perhaps add a lean to that houses a garden work room or a hot tub.

Sometimes an old shed simply needs an overhaul and some creative thinking. If your shed is in good condition but just not being used to its full purpose, then perhaps you can spend some time clearing out the junk and then looking at how you might make better use of the space. How about a garden workshop? A gym? A shed games room?

It’s all there for the taking!

4. Replace an old shed with a garden room

You may want to consider replacing your old garden shed with something that is a bit more permanent and offers more flexibility. A garden room enables you to add an extra room to your property.

Garden rooms are versatile and with the possibility of installing heating, water, Wi-Fi and power, can be used year round in practically the same way that you would use an extra room in your house.

Popular uses for garden rooms include a home garden office, garden gym room, creative art and writing studio and an entertainment room.

Malvern garden studio

5. Donate your old garden shed

If your old shed is in good condition, you might be surprised to know that you can donate or even sell it. If you’re looking to donate it, try free online sites such as Freecycle or Freegle. If you’re hoping to sell your shed, you could try posting good quality pictures and a detailed description on sites such as eBay, Gumtree or Facebook marketplace.

If you post on local Facebook sites about donating your old shed, you may attract local allotment groups or schools and pre-schools that would be keen to take over your old shed. Some people are keen to take away old garden sheds just to get access to the paving slabs that sit underneath.

6. Dispose of your old shed

If your old shed is beyond repair and not fit for donation, then disposal is possible in several ways. Your council may collect a shed but there could well be a charge. Check out your local council’s website to find out more.

If you’re looking to save money, you could dismantle the shed yourself and take it to the local tip. Again, it’s worth checking out your local Household Waste Recycling Centre website as old garden sheds can sometimes be classed as DIY waste which sometimes incurs a charge.

Paying a professional to dismantle and get rid of your old shed will take away the hassle of disposing a shed, plus they will deal with all aspects of safety. Expect to pay about £1500 dependent upon size, weight and type of rubbish.

Wondering what to do with an old shed? Let the experts at Surrey Hills Garden Buildings talk you through the options

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