How to Build an Airbnb Garden Room

With more people choosing to stay in Airbnb locations, there is an opportunity to turn space in your home into a potential new income. Here we look at the possibility of having an Airbnb garden room and the different things to consider so that it is welcoming for guests.

Airbnb garden room

Practical considerations for a garden room Airbnb guests will love

The very first practical point about making a garden room fit for Airbnb use is whether it will be classed as self-contained accommodation. If so, then you will need to apply for planning permission.

On the other hand, if your guests are sleeping and showering in the main house, what purpose will your garden room serve during the day? Perhaps it could be used as a study for business travellers? Maybe it could act as a gym or yoga retreat? Or maybe a general relaxation room? If you have the space in your garden room, it’s a good idea to incorporate different  areas that will appeal to a wider clientele.

Another Airbnb garden room consideration is to think about whether your room will have its own access to the street through perhaps a side gate, or will your guests have to walk through your house to come and go as they please?

Making your garden room fit for travellers is essential, so you will need to ensure that it is heated, has access to water, electricity, a phone line, television and Wi-Fi. At Surrey Hills Garden Buildings we can help with installing all of these and ensuring your garden room has full connectivity.

Airbnb garden room

Decorating an Airbnb garden room

Making your garden room warm and inviting will keep your guests happy and pass on recommendations!

Unless you have a huge room, space for guests in a garden room for Airbnb guests can be tricky, so you will need to get creative. Use shelves to store things vertically on the walls, or invest in some clever storage units.

Plants make a homely touch, and you could try hanging pots to create more space. Opt for low maintenance plants such as cacti and succulents so that you and your guests won’t have to worry about constantly tending to them.

Use cosy lighting in your Airbnb garden room to create a calm and welcoming ambience. Add free standing lamps inside, and drape fairy lights around walls or across shelving for a homely feel.

Your guests will need a place to relax, so make sure you have some comfortable sofas or chairs and make it feel cosy with accessories such as a rug and cushions. It’s a good idea to have either a small table with chairs or a desk so that your guests can work, or sit and eat.

Finally think about summer evenings with an Airbnb garden room. Is there somewhere that your guests can relax outside? A small patio with seating which is perhaps concealed from the main house to give your guests privacy would be perfect.

Thinking about an Airbnb garden room? Talk to Surrey Hills Garden Buildings.

Building a garden room for Airbnb guests would be an investment which could also generate extra income. The key to a successful Airbnb garden room is in the planning and to ensure your guests feel welcome. Talk to us at Surrey Hills Garden Buildings for advice on everything from design through to building and decoration.

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