The Benefits of a Garden Office with Storage

With the work from home movement taking hold, many people are researching their options when it comes to creating a dedicated workspace at home. There are various alternatives of course, one of them being the garden office. But what if you have limited outdoor space, and don’t want to lose the storage benefits of your garden shed? Step in the garden office with storage, the ideal solution that offers the best of both worlds.

A garden room with built-in storage

A garden office offers an array of benefits, not least the fact that it actually segregates your work from your home life by actually getting you out of the house during working hours. With the ability to lock the door at the end of the day, you can leave all the pressures behind you, safe in the knowledge that you only have a short commute home.

Garden offices also offer the advantage of plenty of natural light and garden views, which are known to promote well-being and productivity.

The ultimate home-working solution for the smaller garden

But what if your back garden is low on available space, and you just can’t afford to lose that valuable shed storage space that you rely on to keep your gardening equipment and furniture safe and secure?

The answer lies in the garden office with storage. This is a combination room, comprising two (or more) sections which are accessed independently, but that form a single building. You get to choose exactly how you’d like the space laid out, plus you can build in added storage for any work related supplies you would prefer not to have cluttering your workspace.

Adding shed storage to a garden office is a great way to make the most of your available outdoor space. With some clever planning, you can literally have whatever you wish to suit your individual needs, and to fit the space you have.

Garden office with storage

Create a layout that suits your individual needs

Layout wise, you can choose to have a garden office with bi-fold doors that open fully, allowing you to make the most of outdoor working during the warmer months. Then you can add storage or shed space at the side or back, with or without windows. The storage space will have its own separate access, so there will be no need to walk through your garden office to get to the lawnmower!

An insulated garden office with storage is the ultimate way to work comfortably year-round. Because a garden office is designed more like a room of a house than a regular outbuilding, you will find it warm whatever the weather. There are numerous layers, plus being constructed from Western Red Cedar, you benefit from natural thermal insulation properties too. There are also various ways to heat a garden office, including radiators and underfloor heating.

Insulated garden office

Interested in creating a tailor-made garden office with storage? Talk to Surrey Hills Garden Buildings.

Here at Surrey Hills Garden Buildings, we have created many combination rooms in a variety of styles and layouts. Our end-to-end service sees us taking care of everything, from laying the foundations to connecting electricity, air conditioning, audio visual and WiFi, plus flooring, décor and furnishings.

Seeking inspiration for your combined garden office with storage? Why not pay a visit one of our dedicated show sites to get some ideas? Our family run team is on hand to provide you with friendly, expert advice on creating the garden building of your dreams.

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