5 Great Garden Outbuilding Ideas You May Never Have Considered

Think garden building, and what comes to mind? Summer house? Shed? Garden office or studio? Garden buildings are becoming increasingly popular, but they don’t have to follow the norm. In fact, there are so many ways to use a garden building that the limit is literally your imagination. Join us as we explore five garden outbuilding ideas you may never have considered.

A garden shed with a billiards setup and an outdoor hot tub

How many times have you wished you had somewhere to pursue your hobby or favourite crafts in peace with plenty of space to spread out? To practice your music where no one moans about the noise? To get together with friends for a games night that doesn’t disturb the rest of the household? Everyone has a dream like this. The good news? Dreams can come true courtesy of garden outbuildings!

Here are our top garden outbuilding ideas. You never know, you may even find inspiration for a unique idea of your own.

1. Garden games room

Appealing in one way or another to the entire family, a games room is a great way to use a garden building, especially if the kind of games you like are noisy ones, or take up a lot of space.

Most homes lack enough room for the likes of pool tables. But with a garden leisure room, you’ll have plenty of space to cue your shot. From arcade machines and table football, to fully connected electronic games consoles, pretty much anything is possible entertainment wise with a garden building.

Garden games room

2. Spa retreat

Ever feel like just getting away from it all and indulging yourself in a spot of pampering? If the distractions of family life tend to prevent you from that much-desired relaxing bath, why not create a mini spa retreat in your garden?

A room with a view, a garden spa is the perfect getaway for stressed students, hassled parents and weary workers. With a spa garden room, you are just a comfy chaise longue, a splash of ambient lighting, some tranquil mood music and a super-soft cosy throw away from instant bliss. And how’s this for an idea…

How about extending your garden room out onto a combined covered deck, complete with jacuzzi hot tub? Now there you have the ultimate home spa. Don’t say you’re not tempted…!

3. Bird hide

If you’re a lover of wildlife, then one of the best garden outbuilding ideas you’ll come across has to be a bird hide or wildlife spotting den. This is also a great option if you’re looking for unusual shed ideas.

Garden bird hide

It really is as simple as choosing a garden building that blends in with your landscape so that it’s discreet, which is easily done with so many styles and colours available. Opt for a corner shed or summerhouse that fits snugly into a concealed corner, train some plants around it, and you’ll be well hidden away as you observe all the wildlife in your garden.

A comfy chair, a side table for your flask, and a shelf for your binoculars and you’re all set up and ready for a spot of wildlife watching.

4. Bar shed

A bar in the shed? Why not? It has to be one of the best shed ideas out there. Show off your mixologist skills, prove you can pull a pint to perfection, and enjoy an evening out without having to grab a taxi home.

Garden buildings can be fully powered up, so there’s no reason why you can’t add a widescreen TV ready for getting the lads round to watch the footy, or prepare some Pimms and strawberries and invite the girls round for the Wimbledon final.

beer shed

Your bar shed is all about creating a convivial atmosphere, in the comfort of your own garden. And, because modern garden buildings are fully insulated, it will be somewhere you can retreat to whatever the time of year.

5. Garden gym

With gym membership fees not getting any cheaper, it is no wonder so many people are opting to set up a gym in the garden. The convenience of a workout room a stone’s throw from your house has to be the ultimate motivator too. No need to worry about parking, venturing out too far when the weather’s not on your side, or having to share equipment with others.

You also get to choose your favourite pieces of equipment, so you’re not paying for machines you just never use. Garden buildings destined to be home gyms can be fitted with reinforced flooring, strengthened mounts for TVs and punch bags, and multiple power points. Climate control and Wi-Fi are also easily added.

Garden gym

And what better way to work out than with the wonderful view of your garden in front of you? If you’re looking for inspiration to get fit, you’ve most certainly found it with this garden outbuilding idea!

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