Teenage Den Garden Room Ideas

Living with a teenager can be hard work. Yes, we love them dearly, but their mess, music, incessant gaming and growing need for independence can be exhausting. Perhaps, because of this, there has been a sharp rise in the number of people looking to install a teenage den garden room. Here we look at the benefits of having a garden room for a teenager, and suggest several ideas for setting one up.

Teenage Den Garden Room

What are the benefits of a teenage den garden room?

As well as giving the adults and other members of the household some peace and quiet, setting up a garden room for a teenager will allow them a taste of independence too.

They get the chance to relax with friends and pursue their own hobbies without having Mum and Dad hanging around, and you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you can keep a discreet watch over them too.

A teenage den garden room is a great investment because, once your teenager has left home, it will be your turn to use it for whatever you like.

If you’ve decided to go ahead with a garden room for your teenager, here are four top tips to think about when setting one up.

How to design your teenage den garden room?

Think carefully about the design of your teenage den garden room. Your teenager will grow up and move out eventually, so it’s worth thinking about what you will use your garden room for in the long term. Perhaps a home office, leisure room or garden retreat?

With this in mind, think about whether you will keep your garden room for your teenager as a basic one room design, or whether more of an annexe styled flat complete with kitchenette and toilet would be best.

How to decorate a teenage den garden room?

The possibilities are endless when you think about the interior of the garden room for teenager. Involve your teen so that they make some of the decisions about the colour, decoration and styling themselves. You never know, it may mean they feel more responsibility to keep it clean if they’ve had a hand in decorating it!

What will your teen be doing in the den? Chilling out, studying or gaming are all quite easy to decorate and style for. If they’re insistent on having a pool table in the den, then you know that this will become the focus of the room and you will have to accommodate furniture and accessories around it.

Generally, you can’t go wrong with a sofa, TV, snack table and perhaps a desk with a computer as the basics for furniture in the teenage den garden room. Cushions and beanbags will make it feel more homely. You and your teen may want to think about storage, so depending upon the size of the den, shelves or a cupboard are good ideas.

Teenage Den Garden Room

You don’t have to spend a fortune on your teenage den garden room to get it how you want it. Check out online auction sites for cool pictures, posters, mirrors, rugs and other accessories.

Don’t neglect lighting in the garden room for your teenager. Built in spotlights will look great, but you may want to consider adding floor and table lamps or fairy lights strung around the den to give a chilled ambiance.

What’s the best flooring for a garden room for a teenager?

There are plenty of options for flooring in the teenage den garden room. If you want it to feel soft and cosy like another lounge, you may opt for carpet.

If your teen never removes their footwear and is likely to get your pristine new carpet caked in mud within the first week, or if they’re into any form of art such as painting or sculpting, you are probably better off with something more durable such as wood or vinyl.

Getting connected

No matter what the style or look of the teenage garden den room, one thing is for sure, they will all want to be connected. We’re not just talking electricity, which of course is an essential to power up the TV, but Wi-Fi is critical to enable your teen to stay socially connected and perhaps go online to finish the odd assignment.

There are different ways to connect Wi-Fi to the den, and it’s a good idea to talk through the options with our knowledgeable team at Surrey Hills Garden Buildings. We can also offer advice about connecting electricity and water should you need it, along with different ways to heat your teenage garden den room too.

Looking to create a teenage den garden room? Talk to Surrey Hills Garden Buildings.

A teenage den garden room will give you and your teen some much needed space and scope for independence. It’s a fantastic investment, because you will benefit from using it in the long term too.

There are a few things to think about before going ahead, and our expert, friendly team at Surrey Hills Garden Buildings will be only too happy to help talk through everything from the design to the decoration with you.

Our dedicated show site is the place to visit for inspiration. Alternatively, you are welcome to get in touch for more information on our garden building range.

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