How to Decorate Your Garden Room

There are lots of was to decorate a garden room. Of course, what it all boils down to is personal taste. But you can also theme your garden room too, which is perfect if you want to create a refreshing change of scenery from the main house. Here are some top garden room decorating ideas to help inspire you.

Decorate garden room

Make it cosy

A cosy retreat is perfect if you want to use your garden room as a getaway from everyday life. Soft textiles, patterned fabrics and plenty of cushions and throws will all help create a sense of comfort. Soft lighting, a vase of flowers, curtains to hide the world away and a shelf loaded with books will add to the cosy feel and help make your garden room an inspirational space where you feel you can kick back and relax when you need to.

Theme it

Nautical or Mediterranean, tropical or rustic, a themed garden room will bring your passions to life. It’s the ideal place to house all your treasured possessions that you’ve accumulated over the years. Memories of travels and days out with family can all be used to accessorise your themed garden room. From seashells and storm lanterns, to pieces of furniture and pictures, it’s all about reflecting your personality in your garden room surroundings.

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Make it a statement

There’s plenty you can do to really make a statement when you decorate a garden room. A hanging chair or a hammock make for interesting features, and how comfortable they are too when you’re relaxing in your garden room and admiring your outdoor surroundings. Vintage furniture will also add to the eye-catching appeal, as will bold print wallpaper and standout artworks and sculptures. If you’re into unusual or statement accessories, but have been held back from expressing yourself in the main house, now’s your chance to go to town in your own garden haven.

And don’t forget the outside!

How your garden room looks from outside is just as important as how it looks inside. So when it comes to garden room decorating ideas, don’t forget the exterior. Wooden shutters can really set off garden room windows, whilst a splash of colour will help to either make the building stand out, or help it blend into its surroundings depending on which shade you choose. Add a few planted pots, some hanging baskets, a solar lantern or two and a stepping stone pathway leading to the door, and you’ll set the whole look off perfectly.

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