5 Dog Shed Ideas to Treat Your Four Legged Friend

For many people, their dog is their best friend. And best friends deserve pampering sometimes. So, if you’ve been thinking about how you can treat your pooch, how about creating an outdoor doghouse where he or she can relax and take shade in the summer when the family is outside enjoying the sunshine? Taken by the concept? Then read on for our top dog shed ideas.


Dog shed ideas

1. Planning your dog shed

The place to start when planning your dog shed ideas is to decide on how it will be used. A doghouse can provide a place for your four legged friend to relax and take shelter. It’s also important to think about how the shed might be used over the different seasons of the year. If you’re planning on it being used year round, then you’ll need to think about insulation and flooring, making sure it’s all suitable for the colder as well as warmer months.

2. Styling your dog shed

It may be that you style your dog shed to match your main house. Or you could make a design statement by creating something standout, or that reflects your pooch’s personality.

Whatever style you go for, however, it’s important not to scrimp on the materials. You’ll want the dog shed to last the distance after all, and to stand up to the elements. One of the best materials is western red cedar, which is naturally insulated, and moisture and rot resistant.

3. Getting the size right

When it comes to dog shed ideas, it’s important that you get the sizing right. Any dog shed should be sized to accommodate the fully grown dog. He or she should be able to stand up, turn around and lie down comfortably inside.

So, measure your dog. Take a measurement from nose to tail, then add up to 10cm to the overall length. For height, measure from the top of your dog’s head to the ground when the dog is standing tall with head lifted. Again, add 10cm to the height measurement. These measurements will give you the minimum size for your dog shed.

Otherwise, just make the dog shed as spacious as you like! Just bear in mind that the bigger the house, the less heat it will retain during the colder months. If you’re aiming for a cosy den, you may want to keep it fairly snug.

Dog shed ideas

4. Think about ventilation

Ventilation is vital in a dog shed to prevent your dog overheating and to help dissipate the body heat they give off. Cross breezes from the door or an opening window are a blessing in the summer months. Roof vents will also help keep the doghouse cool, and can be closed when the colder weather comes.

Blinds or curtains at the windows will also help to keep the heat of the sun out.

In the winter, you’ll want the dog shed to retain heat. Vinyl flaps inside the door will help with this. You could even treat your pooch to a heated bed.

5. Door considerations

One of the best pieces of practical advice when looking at dog shed ideas has to be locating the door of the doghouse off centre. Why? Because a doorway situated in the centre won’t allow any space for your dog to escape the wrath of the sun, wind or rain. Building the door off-centre will provide a protected corner.

A porch may also be an idea, although even just a small overhang above the door opening will help to protect the inside of the dog shed from getting wet when it rains, and will give your do some much needed shade on brighter days.

Lastly, think about the fact that you’ll need access to the inside of the dog shed. Cleaning will be a necessity, plus you’ll need to open or close vents or windows and change bedding. So make sure you don’t just make do with a dog-sized doorway!

Looking to treat your four legged friend to their own dog shed?

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