Greenhouse Organisation – 4 Greenhouse Shelving Ideas

Whether you have a large or small greenhouse, it’s important to organise the space as efficiently as possible. Not only will you become more productive, but clever greenhouse storage will provide optimum growing and ventilation space for your plants making them healthier. Here we look at greenhouse organisation and share four greenhouse shelving ideas.

greenhouse shelving ideas

1. Potting bench greenhouse shelving ideas

If you’re in the process of setting up a greenhouse, some form of potting bench is highly recommended. It will allow you to garden in any weather, and provides excellent greenhouse storage too.

You may opt for a large freestanding bench in the middle of your greenhouse, or you might add a small table or bench along one side. The great thing about a potting bench is that you can buy them from garden centres, or upcycle your own from an unused piece of furniture.

For the first in our greenhouse shelving ideas, a potting bench means you can utilise the area below your work space, by adding a few sturdy shelves to store watering cans, compost, pots or heavier items.

If you’ve got the space, add drawers to your bench to store seeds, scissors, and smaller tools. For the ultimate greenhouse organisation, try adding hooks to your bench to suspend watering cans, or even small hanging buckets which can store lighter items like string and ties.

For more ideas on greenhouse storage, take a look at our handy guide: 6 ways to organise tools.

2. Staging greenhouse shelf ideas

Greenhouse shelving ideas often include staging because it allows gardeners to position plants according to the most optimum growing spots within a greenhouse. For example, top shelf staging may house orchids as they prefer this type of climate, whilst lower benches are useful for storing corm plants such as crocuses and cyclamens.

Staging can be made from wood, plastic or metal. It usually takes the form of benches which house plants and seedlings vertically.

It’s a good idea to consider staging as part of your greenhouse setup so that you can determine whether you want these shelves to utilise one area of your greenhouse, or whether you wrap around the entire greenhouse structure.

3. Freestanding greenhouse shelving ideas

Your greenhouse interior layout ideas will vary according to the type of greenhouse you have, as well as the size and how you intend to use your greenhouse.

If you are lucky enough to have a large greenhouse, you could consider adding a freestanding shelving unit to the middle area to create a stunning focal point.

This might take the form of a tiered table design or a see-through shelving unit. Use it to house larger plants and pots.

greenhouse shelf ideas

4. High level greenhouse shelving ideas

For more greenhouse ideas, UK homeowners can consider high level shelving or strawberry boards.

Strawberry boards were used many years ago when growing in Victorian greenhouses. Now they’re used for much more than just growing strawberries. These high level shelves are a great place to house young seedlings or plants that prefer direct sunlight.

Plants that are grown closer to the glass benefit from the sun’s rays, especially during cloudy days or during spring and autumn. Usually made from a moulded aluminium and available in a range of sizes, high level shelving can be fitted along the eaves or gable of your greenhouse.

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There are plenty of greenhouse shelving ideas you can make your own, the challenge is to find something that best suits the size and style of your greenhouse and is suitable for what you are growing.

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