5 Greenhouse Ideas UK Homeowners are Loving

Whether you’re looking for somewhere to grow your own produce, a place to pursue your hobby, or a haven to relax in your own unique way, greenhouse ideas UK wide now hold far more potential than the traditional small metal framed structure that was once used to grow tomatoes.

Greenhouse ideas UK

With a range of designs including ornate glass, combination greenhouse living rooms and a greenhouse room attached to the house, there is something to suit all uses and tastes. Join us as we explore some of the best greenhouse ideas UK homeowners are making their own. 

1. Create a tropical greenery

Fill your greenhouse living room with large leafy specimens such as ferns, palms, cheese plants and bamboo to create a peaceful tropical sanctuary. Pack your greenhouse with a combination of tall and small green plants to help reduce the glare of the sun and create a dappled atmosphere.

Add comfortable chairs and a table, then sit back and relax. A leafy retreat will reduce stress, help with mental health and provide a welcome change of scenery.

2. Combine greenhouse and shed

For more greenhouse ideas, UK homeowners with small gardens are finding combination rooms a good choice. Part shed and part greenhouse, this setup allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds in the space of one plot.

Store tools and gardening equipment in the shed, and enjoy growing blooms or plants in the greenhouse.

There are different ways to combine your greenhouse and shed. Splitting a gabled roof structure in half is one way to do it. Alternatively, if you have a narrow space, you could have your greenhouse built in front of the shed.

3. Design a tearoom retreat

Greenhouse ideas UK wide would not be complete without the inclusion of a British cuppa! So why not use your greenhouse as a tranquil place to relax and unwind? Add some greenhouse decorations such as comfortable seats, cushions, a table with a pretty tablecloth, decorative cups and a teapot. When this is set amongst your plants or flourishing flowers, you’ll have a wonderful greenhouse living room to enjoy.

Greenhouse ideas UK

4. Greenhouse room attached to house

A greenhouse room attached to your house is a fantastic way to gain extra space in a small garden. It can also make the best of a wasted area alongside your house.

Available in a range of designs and shapes, a greenhouse attached to the house is quick and easy to install, needing only a good stretch of wall that doesn’t have a drain or pipe in the way.

If you’re short in space, you’ll need to think about small greenhouse interior layout ideas with a greenhouse attached to the house. Choose clever shelving and hang planting containers to optimise space.

5. Greenhouse ideas UK homeowners can try for themselves

We’ve already mentioned a couple of relaxing sanctuary ideas, but other uses for a greenhouse might include:

  • A hobby room. Whether your passion is for art, reading, writing, crafting or sewing, a greenhouse room with its fantastic amount of space and light could be the perfect place to house your hobby.
  • A drying room. Chances are, if you’re looking for a greenhouse, you love plants. So what better place to dry out herbs and flowers such as lavender than your warm greenhouse? Suspend your plants from a line draped around your greenhouse and enjoy the beautiful aroma.
  • If you’ve got the space, a greenhouse provides the warmth and shelter to make an excellent entertaining space. Add some interior styling such as pictures, lighting, furniture, mirrors, cushions and textiles for an elegant look.
  • Wellness studio. For different greenhouse ideas, UK homeowners love adding value to their property. Why not use the calm and green environment of your greenhouse to make it a place for yoga or meditation? Being able to practice outside of the home, in a tranquil place, adds an extra level of Zen.

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