Ideas for Baby Friendly Garden Rooms

Garden rooms are often thought of as a refuge for adults to indulge in hobbies, to relax outdoors or to run a business. But for parents, the idea of a baby room in the garden could well prove to be a bright idea. Whether it’s to reclaim your living room from the growing deluge of toys, or to create the perfect dedicated sensory environment to boost your child’s development, there are plenty of ideas for baby rooms that could work perfectly for a garden building.

Ideas for baby rooms

For parents who constantly find themselves wading through toys and stepping on building blocks, a baby room in the garden could be an innovation that makes a whole lot of difference. Why not use the space in your garden to convert into an indoor area for your children to play, develop and get messy, whist allowing you to reclaim your precious living space and retain an air of calm indoors? On board with the concept? Then read on as we share our top ideas for baby rooms in the garden that will help nurture your child’s development whilst providing that all-important stimulating environment.

Garden baby room ideas

One of the key things to consider when planning a garden room for a baby is that it will need to be flexible enough to adapt as the child grows. Fixtures and fittings that can be interchanged over time make a good choice.

Soft flooring

A soft rug will provide a cosy place for baby to lie during the earlier months, followed by a safe base for tummy time and crawling. As your little one begins to find his or her feet, you could add more rugs to widen the bump-proof landing zone. Varying the design, colour and texture of the rugs will also provide a variety of sensory experiences.

Mirrored walls

Mirrors are a great idea for a child’s garden room. Whilst baby is spending a lot of time on his or her back or tummy, child safe mirrors fixed securely at floor level, perhaps all around the skirting as a feature, will let them seem themselves and interact. This can be very entertaining for baby, with speech development and facial and self-recognition just some of the benefits.

Book corner

One of the best ideas for baby rooms has to be a book corner. How lovely to snuggle down with your child, against the backdrop of the stimulating views of the garden, and read them a story. This is a great way to bond, as well as motivate your little one’s imagination. Plus a book corner can easily evolve as your child grows and starts to read themselves. A low bookshelf, some comfy bean bags or a day bed with fleecy throws and cushions, all set around that beautiful garden view, are all you need for the perfect book corner in your garden baby room.

Photo board

Family photographs can help strengthen a child’s sense of recognition, develop their memory, improve observation skills and build imagination. Your garden room could have a wall dedicated to photos of familiar loved ones and family pets. Laminating the pictures and attaching them to a fabric board with Velcro is a safe way to display, and will allow your child to reach out and pull them off if they wish, which will also aid their physical development.

Practical storage

If one of the main reasons you wanted to create a child garden room was to declutter your home, then practical storage is going to need to factor high on your agenda. A great idea that will allow you to create the perfect space for your child to enjoy, and plenty of room for storage, is a combination garden room. These rooms combine a living area with a storage shed, ideal for children’s toys, paddling pools and bicycles.

Baby garden room

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