How to Keep my Shed Cool in Summer?

Whether you use your garden shed for storage, a workshop, studio or retreat, there’s no denying that sheds are incredibly useful. But as summer approaches and the weather warms up, sheds can become unbearably hot. Read on as we address the common question, “how to keep my shed cool in summer?”.


How to keep my shed cool in summer

Make use of shade

If your shed is located in direct sunlight for much of the day, it will become hot very quickly. One of the best ways of cooling a shed is to cover it with shade.

You can do this by using plants as a natural form of shade. Flowering plants and shrubs will work, or you could try fast-growing trees like a silver birch or willow.

Be careful not to plant trees that will outgrow the size of your property, and don’t plant them too close as they can cause damage to your garden shed.

You can also consider using man-made options for cooling your shed too. A large shade such as a cantilever parasol may do the trick, as can a sail shade or awning.

Install windows

If you’re looking to buy a new shed, then it’s a good idea to consider a design that features several windows. Windows are the best form of ventilation and will help with cooling your shed in the summer. Windows can be made to practically any size or type, so why not think about ideas including floor length, portal or Velux roof windows?

Velux roof windows are useful for cooling a shed because they allow hot air to escape as it rises.

If your current shed doesn’t have windows and you’re wondering how to cool a shed in the summer, then there are online guides for cutting out a space and using a ready-made timber frame for adding a window.

How to keep my shed cool in the summer with roof vents?

Another way for cooling a shed is to install roof vents. Air vents can be bought online or from hardware shops and are available in different designs. A whirlybird turbine roof vent is popular because it spins around and vents out hot air.

Use online guides, or ask a professional for help with installing into your existing shed.

Add insulation

If you’re asking the question, “How to keep my shed cool in summer?” You may not automatically think of adding insulation. Good quality insulation doesn’t just keep a shed warm, but it can help keep it cool in the warmer temperatures too.

You can use fibreglass wool or polystyrene to insulate your shed. It’s also a good idea to treat the walls with an anti-fungal treatment before applying the insulation to prevent mould forming in the warmer weather.

Power the shed to electricity

If your shed is more like a garden room and you’re spending a lot of time in it, you may want to consider connecting your shed to electricity. Installing power to your shed will help with cooling your shed through using a tower fan or a ceiling fan.

For the ultimate solution when looking at how to cool a shed why not consider installing air conditioning, and really feel the difference!

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