How to Choose the Best Colours for Your Shed

If you’re thinking about how to inject new life into an ageing garden shed, giving it a lick of paint is a good place to start. But when it comes to choosing colours for your shed, which route to take? Read on as we share our top tips and ideas on brightening up your shed and transforming it into the ultimate garden focal point.


Colours for your shed

Choose colours for your shed that complement your house

A nicely painted shed really can bring cohesion into your whole exterior look. For a fully streamlined appeal, consider matching your shed colour palette to that of your home’s exterior.

Alternatively, choose colours for your shed that contrast the main house. For example, if your house is painted cream, go for a vibrant blue shed. If you’re going down this route, try to choose colour pairings that naturally work well together. You could also bring your fencing into the mix, either in a shade to match the house or the shed, or in a third complementary colour altogether.

Colours for your shed

Blend your shed colours in with the surrounding landscape

Many décor experts will agree that, when choosing colours for your shed, or any other outdoor structure, going for shades that are considerate of the outdoor surroundings is a good approach.

For example, you may wish to go for a sage green so that your shed blends into the natural landscape. Or a slate grey to match the rooftops of surrounding houses. Alternatively, you could pick out a prominent colour from your garden in which to paint your shed. For example, if you have a large yellow rose bush, or a bright pink hydrangea, you could use those as a focus for your shed colour.

Colours for your shed


Choose colours for your shed that enhance greenery

Colours that blend well and enhance greenery are a good choice if you’re looking to highlight the beauty of nature within your garden.

Typical shades that work well against a green backdrop include black, slate greys and dark greens.

Create a colour contrast

Rather than simply painting your shed all in the same colour, go for a combination. Bringing together bold shades with softer, more neutral tones will create an eye-catching effect.

The bold colour is best used for the main shed, with the lighter shade picking out the detailing, and creating a calming interior.

Garden Shed Renovation Ideas


Bonus tips

Always choose a weatherproof shed paint that’s specially formulated to protect the wood against the elements. Weatherproof paint is water resistant, so it will stay intact following even the heaviest rainfall. It will also protect against UV rays and humidity.

Before you start painting your shed, be sure to thoroughly clean it. Even a new shed can gather cobwebs and mud, and older sheds can develop mould. Use a diluted, general-purpose cleaner and a hard wire brush to prepare a nice clean surface. Be sure to wait for the shed to dry before you start painting.

If you’re painting an old shed, you’ll need to remove any old, flaky paint by sanding it. Sand in the direction of the wood’s grain so that every part is covered.

Colours for your shed

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