Shed Refurbishment, a How-to Guide and 7 Amazing Ideas

It’s easy to see how a shed can become run down if it’s left neglected, unused and unloved. Follow our shed refurbishment guide to update your shed so you can make full use of it, create an extra room in your property and even add value. We also explore seven amazing shed restoration ideas so that you can enjoy your shed in a new way.

shed refurbishment

Shed refurbishment – make repairs

The first stage in any shed renovation is to make necessary repairs to the structure. If your shed has been left abandoned and exposed to the elements for some time, you will need to check on any problems such as patching up a leaky roof, dealing with rotten windowsills and door frames and repairing broken windows.

Check that the sealant around your windows is strong to prevent your shed becoming damp, and if necessary apply silicone.

You should also stain or treat the wood on your shed every year to help protect it against harsh weather conditions.

Renovate a shed with a new colour

Once your shed is structurally secure and you have ensured that it’s watertight, you can begin your shed renovations with a fresh coat of paint.

Choose a new colour to give an old garden shed a completely new look. You may decide to complement the colour of your house, or perhaps choose a bold new colour that makes your shed a focal point in your garden. Take a look at our guide to choosing the best colour for your shed.

shed refurbishment

Shed refurbishment – clear out and decorate inside

Part of your shed renovations will include a thorough clear out inside the shed. Get rid of anything that you no longer use and give the inside a good clean. A lot of the internal decoration of your shed will depend upon how you intend to use it. Will it remain a way to store tools? Could it become a garden potting shed or are you thinking of turning a shed into a summer house?

However you intend to use your shed, it’s a good idea to consider installing electricity so that you can add lighting and heating. This will allow you to make greater use of your shed during the evenings and shorter winter days.

For shed window covering ideas, try adding some curtains or blinds. You’ll help keep a shed cool in summer, add privacy and create a more homely feel too.

Shed transformation – 7 amazing ideas

Re-purposing your shed is the ultimate form of shed refurbishment. Transform your shed so that you and your family use it more often and you’ll reap the benefits of gaining an extra room and may well boost the value of your property too! Here are 7 ideas for a shed transformation.

1. Garden office

Struggling with working from home? Renovate a shed and make it into a garden office, you’ll get peace and separation away from the distractions of your home and family life.

2. Yoga studio

Want to enjoy your yoga practice but don’t have the space in your house? A shed restoration can give you your very own yoga studio!

3. Cocktail bar

Why not carry out your shed refurbishment to enjoy a cocktail bar? 6 O’clock drinks will never seem so inviting than when you’re sipping on something cool in your brand new shed restoration!

shed cocktail bar

4. Teenage den

If you’ve got a growing family, use your shed refurbishment to transform your shed into a teenage den. Your kids will love it and you’ll enjoy the newfound space in the house too!

5. Art studio

If you’re wondering what to do with an old shed, now could be the time to take up or return to an old hobby. How about a writing den, photography studio or perhaps an art studio?

6. Games room

Why not renovate a shed so that all your friends and family can enjoy it? Transform your shed into games room and you’ll never be stuck for something to do at the weekend again.

Shed games room

7. Personal gym

Paying over the odds for a monthly gym membership? Don’t have the time to exercise? Your shed renovation could be the answer with a personal gym.

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If you’re interested in a shed refurbishment, remember to update the structural elements first, then look at the interior decoration and finally consider the new purpose of your shed.

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