4 Garden Shed Renovation Ideas

There are so many ways to enhance a garden shed. From painting or staining the exterior, to planting the roof or adding curtains or blinds, a splash of creativity and a little time and investment could transform your shed into a focal point, rather than that shabby building you can’t do enough to hide. Read on for our top garden shed renovation ideas for the inspiration you need.

Garden Shed Renovation Ideas

1. Paint your shed

Painting your shed’s exterior will not only improve its overall visual appeal, it will also completely transform the aesthetics of your garden too.

Bright colours will make your garden shed stand out as a feature, whilst subtler neutral shades will help it blend in to its surroundings.

If you feel your shed is too close to your house and is dominating the view, try painting it in a dark colour, such as navy blue, dark green or black. This will trick the mind into thinking the shed is actually further away, and will also make a small garden feel larger.

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2. Hang some curtains or blinds

Curtains and blinds have an obvious practical use, keeping a shed cool in the summer and adding privacy. But they can also create a homely feel for a garden shed.

Choose a colour or pattern that works well with the colour palette of the interior of the garden shed, or that blends well with the exterior. Bold print will make a statement, whilst subtle, floral or natural patterns will merge into the garden backdrop.

Fabric wise, translucent curtains are good for creating a light and airy feel, and won’t detract from the light inside the shed.

3. Plant a living roof

Even the smallest shed roof presents a golden opportunity for planting on what would otherwise be a barren canvas. A planted roof really does soften the appearance of a shed or garden building, and help it blend into its green surroundings.

Planting a sedum roof offers numerous benefits. From improving air quality and supporting pollinators, to retaining rainfall and conserving energy courtesy of providing natural insulation, there is plenty to love.

Sedum roof

4. Create a wildlife sanctuary

Aside from your living roof providing a haven for pollinators, there are further garden shed renovation ideas you can take advantage of if you want to attract more wildlife into your garden.

You could, for example, use the sides of your shed to provide vital shelter. Add a nest box for smaller birds, or erect a bee or bug hotel.

You could also use your shed for planting. Whether it’s a green wall, shelving filled with pots, hanging baskets or window boxes, there is plenty of space there ready to fill with flowers that will attract beautiful butterflies and busy bees. And it will look amazing too!

Garden Shed Renovation Ideas

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