How to Create a Garden Photography Studio

Are you a professional or keen amateur photographer looking to set up a business from home? Wondering, what can I do in my shed to make money? Then a garden photography studio could be the ideal way to make good use of your outside space whilst maintaining a great work / life balance.


Garden photography studio

Join us as we explore the main aspects to consider for the design and installation of a shed photo studio, and also as we take a look at the decoration and essential items that you’ll need to get started with your garden photography studio. 

Design and installation of the garden photography studio

If you’re looking to install a new shed photo studio, there are some key points worth thinking about regarding the design and location.


You’ll need plenty of space in your studio for lighting equipment, and backdrops for shots. Pick a location in your garden for your studio which allows you to use space optimally.


Your studio will need natural light, so you’ll need windows in your garden photography studio. The bigger the better, and bear in mind that north or south facing windows give the best results with photography because they provide the most consistent lighting throughout the day.


Another factor to consider is the layout of your shed photo studio. Will you have one large room for your garden studio photography? Or will you need to divide up your studio into a multi-functional space? Perhaps you need a changing or waiting room if you deal with portrait photography? You may need a separate dark room if you’re working with film, or a separate office to edit digital images.


The final element to consider with the design and installation of your garden photography studio is the connection of utilities. Electricity in your studio is useful to connect to a computer for editing, office admin and printing. Similarly, Wi-Fi in your shed photo studio will give you access to work online. If you have a dark room, or want to provide drinks for clients, you may want to consider whether your studio is connected to water.

Decoration of you garden photography studio

Here are a few things to think about when decorating your garden photography studio.


For the decoration of your garden photography studio, the walls should be clean and uncluttered to allow for using different backdrops. Choose a neutral colour. White gives good light reflection and minimises shadows.


Hardwearing flooring works best within your shed photo studio because it copes better with heavy equipment like lighting, and it works well with the passing traffic of subjects. Hardwearing flooring like wood or laminate also looks better in your garden studio photography shots rather than carpet.


You’ll need seating such as a stool or chair for your portrait models, or you may want to include sofas which also work well for client meetings if you’re having them.

If you’re working with product photography rather than portrait, it’s a good idea to include a table which you can have by the window to allow for the natural light. This doesn’t have to be large, in fact you could have a fold up table ready to put up as required if the space in your garden photography studio is on the compact side.


The final touch in creating your garden photography studio is to have the necessary equipment. As well as your cameras and tripods, you may need lamps and a reflector to enhance the natural light.

Different backdrops add variation to your garden studio photography. So, it’s worth investing in screens or creating your own backdrops. Choose fabrics such as velvet, canvas or vinyl in a range of colours and patterns which you can pick up cheaply from markets. Hanging your backdrops from a curtain rod on the wall is far less expensive and just as effective as buying official hanging equipment.

Finally, many clients will want hard copies of your work, especially if you’re shooting portraits or photographs of animals, so it’s worth investing in a suitable photo printer.

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