Contemporary Garden Rooms: How to Create the Wow-Factor

Contemporary garden rooms are precisely what you are looking for if you want to add a wow-factor feature to your outdoor space, and at the same time benefit from a hideaway haven, a private place to work, or a fabulous place to entertain, right in the heart of the wonder of nature. But what makes a garden room contemporary? What features can you factor in to really achieve that sensational appeal that only comes with modern garden rooms?

Contemporary garden rooms

If you’re one of the many who think garden room and think, glorified shed or traditional, Victorian outhouse, we’re here to convince you otherwise. Because in reality, modern garden rooms are very different entities. In truth, the garden rooms of today are bespoke structures, custom-crafted to your specification and style preferences. So, whether you’re looking for a modern garden office, a fancy home gym, a swish entertaining space or a swanky studio, you’ll be able to find all you desire with contemporary garden rooms.

What are the elements that help create the wow-factor in contemporary garden rooms?

Modern garden rooms are beautiful to look at. They are things of beauty, designed to blend in with their surroundings, yet stand out for their own intrinsic splendour.

Because of where they are situated – in the heart of your outdoor space – contemporary garden rooms are designed to make the most of the beauty of nature that encircles them. These rooms will often be designed to align with cutting edge architectural trends, and will also be highly functional, so as to work on a practical level. Most bespoke garden rooms will combine functionality with visual appeal, so that they fulfil every need and desire.

The following elements are those which are typically used by garden room designers to achieve a contemporary look…

Bi-folding doors

Doors that fold back completely, so that the lines between outside and in are blurred, will always create a contemporary feel in any garden room. Perfect for the family with a penchant for entertaining, bi-fold doors have become an interior designer’s best friend when it comes to creating the illusion of space, flow and freedom.

contemporary garden rooms


The perfect way to introduce a bounty of natural light into a space, you’ll often find modern garden offices and other types of custom garden rooms fitted with skylights. Natural light is particularly beneficial whilst working, as it is known to boost productivity. It is also incredibly helpful for those who wish to use their garden room to pursue arts and crafts hobbies.

Floor to ceiling glass windows

If anything says contemporary garden office, it has to be floor to ceiling glass windows and walls. The definitive way to truly encompass the beauty of the outdoors, floor to ceiling glass windows ensure you’ll never miss a thing when you’re spending quality time in your garden room. Flooding the space with natural light, you’ll be able to enjoy the warmth of the sunshine, marvel over the changing dynamic of the outside landscape, indulge in a spot of wildlife watching, and generally feel at one with nature.

Summerhouse cladding


Cedar cladding

Cedar cladding is the ultimate way to achieve insulated garden rooms, the natural way. The natural, reddish-brown finish is incredibly contemporary in style, blending in perfectly with the outdoors. This material also offers excellent durability against rot and fungal attack, making it one of the most popular cladding options for insulated garden rooms UK-wide.

Other typical features of contemporary garden rooms include sustainable, green materials; timber or composite decking; wooden flooring and cube or spherical designs.

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