5 Things to Consider When Buying a Summerhouse

Whether you’re taken with the idea of a traditional Victorian summer house as a dedicated place to work, or a space in which to relax, the whole process of designing what you want can be very exciting. But there is also a lot to think about. Here we provide a handy checklist of things to consider before you go ahead and make your final decision on your dream summerhouse.

Victorian summer house

1. Where to position your summer house

A vital consideration when buying a Victorian summerhouse is its location within your garden.

Do you want it to be seen as a focal point from the main house, or would you prefer it to be situated somewhere more secluded? If your summerhouse is going to be used for work purposes, will it need its own easy access to the street to accommodate possible meetings or work sessions?

You’ll also need to think about the view and available natural light. Orientating your summerhouse to take in your garden views or beyond is a popular move, and ensuring plenty of natural light floods in is important, especially if you’ll be working or enjoying hobbies or crafts in the building.

2. Victorian summer house, contemporary or traditional?

Which style of summer house idea will you choose? A Victorian summerhouse is popular because it is timeless, and will fit in with most garden designs.

Perhaps on the other hand you’re looking for something more contemporary with large glass windows. You can find inspiration for your design or style anywhere. There is ample choice, and the design can fit completely around what you need and want.

The Malvern Collection of high quality summerhouses offers classic designs through to contemporary buildings with a range of sizes, materials, roof types, window styles and colours to choose from. There’s something to suit all tastes, styles and budgets.

Victorian summer house

3. How will you use your summerhouse?

How you intend to use your summerhouse will impact on your purchase and the design. If you’re intending to use your summerhouse as a cinema room for example, you will want something spacious and kitted out with plenty of tech to give you the best home entertainment experience possible. If you’re going to be working in your garden building, you’ll need WiFi in your summerhouse for sure.

If you’re looking for a place in which to relax, or a traditional workshop or craft studio, the Victorian summer house style may well suit you better.

Whatever you’re using it for, you’re likely to also need power to your summerhouse in most cases, which is something you’ll need to think about in advance.

4. What base will you need for your Victorian summer house?

As well as thinking about its position, you’ll need to consider the base of your summerhouse.

If you don’t give this some thought upfront, you may end up with all sorts of problems at a later stage. If your base is not completely level, you could experience distorted walls and bowed timbers. Uneven flooring can also lead to leaks, damp and subsidence.

There are three main options for a good summerhouse base. These are concrete, paving or decking. Which you choose depends on a number of factors.

5. Do you need planning permission for a summer house?

There are certain rules which need to be followed if you are going to avoid the need for summerhouse planning permission. Most of these conditions relate to the size and height of your intended summer house, but will also include whether you plan to use it as a self-contained accommodation and whether you reside in a Conservation Area.

Make sure to do your research and investigate the need for planning permission ahead of purchasing your summerhouse.

Looking to buy a Victorian summer house? Talk to the experts at Surrey Hills Garden Buildings.

There’s a lot to think about before you go ahead with a purchase of a summerhouse, including what you intend to use your garden room for, where you want to position it, and the style. A Victorian summer house has wide appeal and will suit most gardens.

Why not visit one of our dedicated show sites for summerhouse inspiration? Our family run team is on hand to provide you with friendly, expert advice on creating the perfect garden retreat that meets all your needs. You are also welcome to get in touch to discuss your individual Victorian summer house ideas. We look forward to speaking to you.

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